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Good evening everyone, , I was diagnosed with Viral Meningitis around Monday 6th Feb 2017, having spoken to the trust ,I am starting to understand that my symptoms currently are unfortunately the norm and in the very early stages of what could be a long journey.Being completely exhausted, spending all day in bed with headaches and then when I feel like I get get up all the energy is zapped from me again with a very vague/distant feeling in my head much like a dream. In addition to this I am suffering with some pain in the leg from the Lumber puncture. Having never had time off work previously and always been fit (A runner every day ) I am like others finding this difficult to accept .

I thought I would share my limited experience, in the first instance for some selfish reassurance that I have it correct and this is normal, and also that this may assist others in the future, Kind regards to all.

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Yes what you are experiencing is the norm and to be expected as you are only 10 days on from your diagnosis. VM is not like a cold or the flu where you would expect to be back to full health in 10 days to 2 weeks. You certainly need to be off work for sometime yet. How long is different for each individual but you will delay your recovery if you try to push yourself too much too soon. Listen to your body and pace your day depending on how much energy you have and if you do something and it fatigues you, however small, then rest and sleep as that's what you need lots of at the moment to help your body recover. No running for now and start off with short walks when you feel able. Yes it is difficult to accept that VM has had such an impact and for a while depleted you so much of your previous health and fitness, and commitment to work etc. I am sure you will get back to the life you had before but do be patient and give yourself time to recover. Unfortunately lots of Drs still have the opinion that it is no worse than flu and that is so wrong!

The recovery is worse than the actual peak of the attack I find. I have had viral meningitis four times and I cannot stand how I feel afterwards, how slow with no energy, frequent headaches, stiff muscles and just the general feeling of malaise and misery. That's why I agreed to take daily retrovirals. After the last attack I went on holiday to see my mom and swim in the sea every day and that really helped. The recovery can take a long time depending on the person and different things will help different people but lots of rest good food gentle exercise and sleep without feeling guilty whenever you need it . Here is to a speedy recovery lots f love x

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Did you know that recurring VM has its own diagnosis of Mollaret's Meningitis? I was diagnosed with this is 2010 and if you're not aware there's the Mollaret's Meningitis Association Facebook group which is a good source of advice and support. Apologies if you already know!

How has your recovery gone 1 year on?

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