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2 years post Bacterial menegitis

Well it is now 2017. I had a back surgery that went wrong and my home physical therapy nurse said I had the classic signs of a spinal fluid leak. It prolonged bc my doctor didn't think so bc nothing showed on any tests he ordered. I wouldn't leave the hospital because I knew something was wrong. Then a neurologist from the Er heard about me and decided to come up to my room and noticed the sypmtoms and ordered tests. I couldn't get to that test bc my surgeon came and asked where are they taking her and my nurse told him so so doctor ordered some tests for her. My surgeon said no take her back to her room. Then later came up with the excuse that I have something I want to do first. Anyway a couple days later I had a spinal tap where 35 cc of thick yellow cloudy fluid was pulled out of me. The technician knew right then and there that something was not right. Diagnosed me with BM in March. Was cured at the end of April. And I still had headaches and something was wrong with my vision. So much pressure from the BM cut offs optic nerve. Put in a Vp shunt to release some of that pressure. Turns out it was too late 24 hrs after the surgery my surgeon said how's your vision and sadly I said still bad. I can not see out of my right eye. I was 20/50 and tunnel vision in the other eye. My optic nerve was choked out bc of all of the pressure. I bump into things on my right side constantly. I can't pass the eye test at the DMV. And it has been a year since I applied for disability. Hoping to hear back soon. Still my head is held high. My fiancé has stayed my side and now we also have a new addition to my lil family. My 3 month old son. They have kept me very happy. So what I have learned is keep going and don't look back on the negative and do everything you can stay be happy and push thru the everyday pain and smile. And say I'm Still Alive!!!

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Wow you have certainly travelled a difficult journey but well done to you for recognizing something was seriously wrong and refusing to leave the hospital until they investigated more. That seems to be the key factor that has maintained your life, albeit one now with some differences and disability/vision problems. That is so lovely to hear that you now have a beautiful 3 month old son. I have a child and he is my focus and what gives me the incentive to continue to manage life the best I can, and clearly in your words in your post your son has the same desire in you. It is also uplifting to hear that your wonderful fiancé has been with you throughout.

Very best wishes to you all.


What an encouraging story although your first dr was a jerk. I know you don't want to look back. You have much to be thankful for. Your persistence helped get you where you are thank God.

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