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Hi i was diagnosed with viral meningitis 4 weeks ago, i was having symptoms of dizziness nausea and short term memort loss for 17 days prior to my diagnosis i had been back and forth to the Gp who diagnosed me with post natal depression as i was 9 weeks post partum when my symptoms started, eventually i collapsed with pain in my head early hours and was taken by ambulance to my nearest AED where i underwent a CT scan and lumber puncture, i was eventually diagnised with viral meningitis after spending 6 days in isolation whilst awaiting results. I was dischared immediately after i was given the diagnosis and told by the doctor to rest and have plenty of fluids i was lead to believe VM was not too serious and would be right as rain in a couple of weeks. Well how wrong was i!! As i have a new born and an 18 month old to keep me busy i am naturally exhaused but since my diagnosis i literally have nothing in me no energy no motivation i feel spaced all of the time. I have the strangest feeling in my head thats really difficult to explain but i feel like im not really there although i know physically i am i have brain fog and my short term memory is so bad im having to make a note of when i last fed the baby and when shes next due. As you can imagine my anxieties are through the roof and i feel like my symptoms and worry are taking over my life its breaking my heart that im not enjoying this precious time with my now 16 week old baby girl. Im desperate for any advice on how to manage these symptoms and wondering is this normal? how long will it last? Thanks.

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Hi, I'm so sorry to hear what a tough time you're having! I was in a similar position 3 months ago - in hospital with severe headache, nausea and back pain which was eventually diagnosed as VM after Ct scan and lumbar puncture. I too was sent home after diagnosis and told to have bed rest but I have a 1 year old and 2 year old so it was out of the question. I struggled through with the headaches, memory loss, that horrible feeling of being not quite there with the brain fog and anxiety. I also went back to my part time job after 5 weeks off which was a real struggle. Thankfully 3 months on I am so starting to feel better, not right yet but so much better than I was. My advice would be to take as much help as possible with your little ones. People often underestimate the severity of VM so make sure friends, family and doctor are aware of your struggles and the long term issues you are facing. Although we don't the luxury of bed rest make sure you are eating well, keeping fluids up and trying to get as much sleep as is possible with a newborn. Don't push yourself to do anything more than getting through the day at this stage! I hope you feel better soon!x


You are at the start of a long road. Have a read through my rather brief notes on my blog and you will get some idea of the stages you may go through. Watch out for recovering to fast, your body will bit you. Bumpy highway.

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Thank you so much for your replies its very reassuring to know that things do get better X


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