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TB Meningitis

My daughter was admitted to ICU last 6-Sep-2016 and she is still in ICU until now, she was diagnosed with TB meningitis/vasculitis/hydrocephalus, these three findings comes after she complain of head ache, fever and always sleeping. She had this SLE since 2011. She was in coma for more than a week and open her eyes after that. the latest is three days ago she is already yawning and blinking her eyes normally but I am not sure if she recognize us. we know she is awake. Anyone, please advise your opinion and analysis on this kind of situation. Thanks in advance...

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Hi sorry to hear about your experiences. I got it at 48 in 2003 I don't want to talk about the after effects Yes u will not bee the same but every one us diffrence find the things you can do and enjoy them good look to you and your family good luck with everything you do

Good luck if u ever want to chat please get in touch with me THANKS

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Hi paul, thanks for the reply, my daughter is still in icu and she underwent vp shunting and traek plus peg, she is regularly getting tests, including mri, ct scan and xray. Rdgards ti you n ur family...

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Hi Paul,

My daughter is still in ICU now. How about you, how's everything ?


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