Tooth abcess/meningitis/Trigeminal neuralgia

Has anyone here had their meningitis attrtubited to untreated tooth abcess?

Months prior to my bout with meningitis I was experiencing horrendous pain in my jaw, especially when there were pressure changes from temperature or elevation. I was diagnosed with Trigeminal neuralgia just weeks before I came down with asceptic meningitis. With the meningitis I had a heart infection and pneumonia. I was initially given mega doses of antibiotics until they did my lumbar puncture which revealed asceptic meningitis. My recovery took better that a year. During that time I began medication for the TN. Two years then passed and a tooth abcess appeared in the part of my upper jaw that gave me so much pain. I had a root canal done by a very expert and caring endodontist. My jaw was infected with a lot of bone loss. He told me that much bone loss took years to happen.

I am doing well now, and I've stopped all medications. So I'm just wondering if all this misery was connected. Anyone?

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  • Mine was due to an ear infection, but I have heard that a tooth abscess is a definite way for meningitis to occur. I have a definite feeling that was the beginning of your problems. I've also heard that a tooth abscess can lead to heart issues, which makes sense, since you had an infection in your heart, too. With the tooth in question being in your upper jaw, the root area had a direct path to your brain. It all makes sense, and I believe you are very lucky to be alive and relatively well!

  • Thank you for your reply! Yes, As more time passes and I've thought it through I think that was the start. And, I am realizing just how fortunate I am in the end.

    Are you well now? Did you know right away that yours was from your ear infection?

  • Thank you for asking. I'm about a year and a half from diagnosis, so still having some after effects, mainly headaches and concentration problems. Working with a neurologist on the issues. I knew I had an ear infection and was on antibiotics to treat it. The eardrum ruptured and within hours I was semi-conscious and running a fairly high fever when my husband found me. I didn't know if it was night or day. I was taken by ambulance to the ER and spent the next 13 days in the hospital. Infectious disease Doctor quickly determined that the ear infection had lead to the meningitis when the eardrum ruptured. I spent several days unaware of anything going on around me, unable to speak, etc. Pretty scary.

  • Wow! It is scary to know that we came so close to the end. Like you, I had headaches and concentration challenges, as well as becoming easily over stimulated with sound and light and activity. It will be four years in mid September, and I can say now that I'm fully recovered.

    I even successfully worked with 10 energetic 3rd graders in vacation bible school a couple of weeks ago! My neuro had me on nortriptline for headache management... I don't even take that anymore. I do, however, take magnesium daily which helps reduce the frequency and intensity of the headache pain.

    I wish you full recovery too. Keep me posted if you will. (I may have some short term memory blurps, but I'm chalking that up to normal aging!....

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