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Low grade fevers

Ok 2 1/2 months post VM and seems like I still get low grade fevers along with maybe a headache once a week where it knocks me on my butt and I can't do anything. It's so frustrating when I feel the pain of a headache coming on because I know what's ahead and that's pain and nausea. I know I'm still in the beginning of VM but can't help but to be upset wishing one day this nightmare will be gone 🙏 Just having one of those days sorry for venting. Hope you all are having a blessed day and pain free as well

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You aren't alone in this! It can be so frustrating , I am there with you on that. Put yourself first and it will get better! There are good days and bad days, and eventually there will be more balance. Hope 😇


6 months post VM and having one of those days too!! Strangely, I was feeling so well yesterday, then out of nowhere, I find myself feeling completely knocked out. Headache, dizziness and confusion. On the positive. Those days do gradually lesson and things do get better. Wish you well on your road to recovery :)


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