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Return of Anxiety/Depression

I was very recently diagnosed with viral meningitis (mid March) and luckily I came out on the other side with little physical side effects. However I am really struggling with my mental health, my confidence has taken a knock and I'm struggling to go through a day without crying or having an anxiety attack. I'm finding it difficult to explain this to other people as I feel they don't understand what it can do to you mentally as its 'only' viral meningitis and I'm physically looking a lot better. I was just wondering if anyone had any tips or advice if they also went through this, it would be much appreciated. 

Thanks :)

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Hi I know exactly what your going through. I was diagnosed Boxing Day 2015 and didn't come out of hospital until end of February. I suffered so badly with being in public and panicked every time i went out. Also very severe depression and I even attempted an overdose. I did go to the doctor who referred me to the mental health team at hospital. They have referred me to MiNd for intensive Phscicotherapy. They also put me on antidepressants but i refused to take them. I belong to a church and I felt like if lost me faith and that everyone around me hated me. I then made a decision to trust in God whole heartidly and allow myself to be vulnerable and know that in my weakness god is my strength. Since that day I have been like a changed person. I'm positive about my future I trust that God has great plans for me. Sometimes we go through hard times because there are brighter things ahead. I pray that God will touch you and bring peace to you in your time of distress and that you can allow yourself to be vulnerable and open your heart to what God has planned for you. Just know this this feeling won't last forever, I know it's hard to see a light, but God is that light and he will guide you, you just have to trust. You may still have low days, but it's in those low moments that God really steps in. 

I will be praying for you I hope you don't mind, but prayer for me, is the best medicine. 


I agree with you 100% you nailed it 👍 Reach out to God pray pray when I felt the anxiety come on id put on my pandora band hillsong and ask him to come into my heart help me through my struggles. I'd cry out to him sometimes ask for answers of why? But in time it all fell into place my feelings would go away the fear would leave. When I had those feelings of depression I'd know it was the devil attacking me. Believe please 🙏 Find a church or if church isn't your thing open the word of God in your bible or find yourself a good bible app. Talk to him when you have those thoughts. And trust in time you will start to feel less anxious and depressed for he will give you that peace in your heart and give you that confidence again that you once had. Believe me I thought there was no end to my attacks and depression I swore my life was over was never going to be able to enjoy life. It's a day by day process and there is light be patient and believe..


Hi there, I can really relate to this but I'm not sure I have any tips I'm afraid. As you say, it's really hard to explain to others. I printed off the employers guide to VM & gave it to my boss. It's on this site. I thought reading that might help her to understand the ups & downs. Like you, I cry at the drop of a hat & feel so low. I suffer from depression anyway but am taking medication for that so the depression that comes with VM on top is difficult to manage. I've started listening to some meditation tracks, I'm not sure how much good this does but it's worth a try. If you find any good tips please do let me know. I feel for you & totally understand. It's a shame the NHS don't take VM as seriously as they should & provide support. Wishing you a speedy recovery. 



Mines bm and i was bad but you still get looked at/treated like youre fine, it comes a point where you think right people arent gonna help me through it or at least as much as you thought/liked so you have to think for yourself and be like right even if its an hour a day set your self a task; its all gradual and the more you do it the less the anxiety will be and the more confidence you will get... From as little as being on the phone to family/friends, phonecalls instead of texts etc focusing on the person thats there for you even if its just one person, speak with them regularly help them wether its just kindness as they are being there for you; little gestures and thoughts; everything like that helped build me back up and my bsd days arent as frequent as they were also as much as we want to with side effects jst manage them well and try not to pity yourself; think positive and be optimistic; 

Hope it helps 🤗  


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Yeah I've struggled with the same, for me it only seems to strike when I'm about to go to sleep.  I'm just over 4 months recovering from VM, the anxiety attacks were much more frequent when I was at your stage of recovery - rest assured they do lessen.  That said, I've been averaging one bad attack that stops me from sleeping for 3-4 hours once every 7-10 days, and much more mild ones that I can cope with/overcome faster every few days.  Mindfulness meditation has helped me a lot, especially during those early days when it happened nearly daily - I was meditating 2-3 times a day to cope and also partly out of bordem!  I'm also a firm believer in body-mind connections, so eating healthy and cutting out stressors is very helpful too - easier said then done when you have zero energy!  Definitely been times that I pushed myself too much and paid for it cooking up a healthy dinner.

Hang in there, you just need to find something that works for you.


After multiple hospitalization w meningitis and hearing it is only viral-- yeah I understand the emotions that go along with it--- people w diabetes look normal or fine--- but they are not if mismanaged diets happen--- people w a heart diease may look fine until that heart attack happens-- people w a pulmonary embolism look fine until the embolis breaks and lodges in the lung ---- just like us w recovering from viral Memingitis -- what u cannot see May indeed exist--- 

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I wish I had an answer ...Im going into 2 months since being diagnosed with VM..Physical pains have definately gotten better aside from ER trip last week. It is definately the mental state Im in that I can not handle. I can get a grip ,insecure, doubtful about everything, sad ..I am usually a strong active person who can handle anything with confidence.. now Im a basket case who sees no brightness ahead. (if you can tell this is one of my bad days )


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