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I think I have meningitis but no diagnosis


I haven't been diagnosed with vm but I feel pressure and tingling from the back of my head to my spine,the back of my neck also hurts.....I was in a dorm with 200 people for 6 months with hardly no ventlation.....and the last 2 months is when I started hurting in the back of my head and tingleing....it feels like ants are crawling all over my head......for some reason i feel better in the morning Then around 4 in the afternoon my head and neck starts hurting tingleing and my neck feels like it can't hold my head anymore my neck feels weak....I feel sick and like a zombie. I went to the hospital. And they did a CT scan and the doctor said I was fine...BUT I'm not, I use to be a work out junkie! Now I can't even do one burby without my head wanting to explode and my spine breaking. Could this be viril or could i actually have bacterial meningitis? Please give me your opinions on my issues...God bless.

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Definately not Bacterial Meningitis as you have also asked in your other post because that is sudden and serious and can be a killer within hours. Possibility of Viral Meningitis but that would need to be confirmed by a lumber puncture. A scan would not be able to show and diagnose it. We are not medically trained on here so are unable to know what is wrong with you. I would advise you go back to your GP and explain your symptoms, mention VM, and query whether you should be having a LP done. There are other things that could cause the symptoms which is why you need to be checked out by doctor to ascertain what is causing them.

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Obviously you need to go to the doctors ASAP and tell them what you've told us. The CT won't show be able show meningitis like mentioned on other reply but it would show any swelling or pressure which I had a lot of with meningitis. The hospital has sent you away after these tests with no major concerns but if the symptoms are pursuing then go back to the doctor. Also don't think the worse just because of what you've read online etc. People on this forum are real survivors of this horrendous illness.

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