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Info please

Hi everyone

My mother in law was admitted to A &E on Tuesday unresponsive with no signs of illness other than an ear ache after tests and lumber punch she was diagnosed with BM she is on a ventilator and up to today showed no sign of waking up today her eyes flickered and she did squeeze my hand. Her head moved to the side when we called her but her eyes are very vacant we have been given no evidence of brain Damage but tbh I don't think she is well enough to be assessed for this as yet. She also had to have some infected bone drilled away from behind her ear. I cannot believe that something like an ear infection could cause so much distress. Wishing you all a speedy recovery

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Hi Bridgetmercer, Just want you to know that when my father first came to visit me (I was 33) in the hospital ICU, I opened my eyes and all he saw was bright red pupils, just like in horror films. He said I was also bleeding from my nose, mouth, & ears and was totally unresponsive. That coma lasted for 10 days. I have zero memory of his visit or those 10 days. After those 10 days, although my legs and feet were in SEVERE pain, I improved a little each day. I was released after 6 months in the hospital. And that leg/foot pain has continued to improve a little each day for the last 39 years. If you met me now, you'd never know I once had our horrible BM.


Hi Bridge, BM is a potential very significant illness " the way the dr told me" don't push her to answer you, I was in coma two weeks, just be with her and support her, it is a long journey to recover, she just started, it took me two years and months to be where I am right now. Just be patience with her, help her move her arms and legs, very slow, they get numbness, just she is not going to be able to tell that. Good luck, support her. She needs all of you. Menin.


Thank you for sharing Bridget what is happening to your mum in law. I am so sorry to hear that she has contracted the nasty BM. But it is very early days and not even the Specialist Doctors can predict the outcome yet. What has happened is not dissimilar to what happened to me. I was virtually already in a coma when I went to the hospital and was then put fully into an induced coma so that the machines could take over my breathing etc so my body could put all its efforts into fighting the illness. If you click on my name and read my profile you will find similarities. The Infection that became meningitis had also crossed the blood/brain barrier from an ear infection. Likewise I had ops on my ear. I was in a coma for three weeks with lots of failed attempts to bring me out of it. I wasn't expected to survive or would at best be severely physically and mentally disabled but here I am responding to you! Hospital Doctors will always give the worse scenario just in case but you need to take each day at a time because recovery does happen for many. That is very good signs that she flickered her eyes and squeezed your hand when you were speaking to her. When people come out of a coma it it not like we see on the TV in Soaps etc. It is much more gradual, fluctuates in and out and even when out of the coma there is initially confusion and that look of blankness of not being able to understand what is going on around them. This can vary from a few hours to days or weeks. Try not to think ahead as it is best to not try and predict whether she will have long term after effects and what they maybe.

Am wondering if you have contacted the Meningitis Now helpline as they are there to support families as well as those of us who have had meningitis. They are a great support in many ways. Sometimes it is more helpful to hear a voice to talk things through when you are upset, frightened and worried, along with the posting on this virtual forum. They can send you relevant information plus there are other things they can offer - Freephone 0808 80 10 388. Or take a look at their website

Please do continue to let us know how your Mum in law is progressing and you and the family around her are coping so we can continue to support you all.

Very best wishes


Thank you so much for takin the time to reply your story is truly amazing. We have been up hospital all day today unfortunately the ventilator wasn't taken out as they didn't think she was well enough. She has been squeezin our hands slightly and openin eyes when we call her but other than that nothin else to report as you said it is early days even for docs. Thank you once again for taking the time to reply and I wish you all the best in your recovery x


Continue talking to her, even if you feel she can't hear you. I remember some things that people would talk to me about, even though I wasn't able to respond. I knew they were there. It was a comfort to me. Let her know what is happening to her. Let her know you love her.


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