Viral meningitis

Hi My son who is in his mid 50s was first diagnosed with Viral meningitis 10 years ago. Since that time he has had 8-10 relapses and is currently back in hospital. The best help has been with a virologist in the hospital who suggested infusions (aclovir?) through a lead in his arm-3x a day for 10 days. My son is very active and adventurous and he is finding the need to remain calm and quieter very very difficult especially with a family. But it seems to me that adrenaline is to be avoided as it were and an acceptance wherever possible that calm periods and quiet wherever is the choice that needs to be made. For some people this virus reactivates if the brain is overstimulated. My sympathy goes out to those who are in this group-very challenging to manage. Find a virologist to help if possible.

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  • Sorry to hear about your son. I too had 10 days IV acyclovir but the last 5 days it was done at home by the community nurses who came in at 8am, 2pm and 8pm. I wasn't well enough to do anything other than sit - in a dark room with no sound as I was intolerant to both light and noise. Your son needs to be patient - however hard that may be. Take care.

  • I take Acyclovir daily as a preventative since suffering from VM 2 1/2 years ago. Have suffered headaches and nausea that render me bed bound if I get over stimulated or over active.

    Hope he learns the art of rest and relaxation because in the long run he will be able to be more active. I was an National Hockey player so I find being sedentary very difficult but the body is better at repairing slowly....tortoise & hare...... Xxx

  • My experience was 8 years ago. I to cant stand much excitement. I'm photophobic, bright lights make me nuts. I tire super easily. And when I do it can be disastrous to me. I get sick and I cry uncontrollably. I get plenty of people upset as they don't have a clue what's happening to me, they see it as childish or laziness etc. When I have an event I rest plenty beforehand and after. When I start getting tired I get intense anxiety and very emotional. I don't realize

    what's happening until I'm a full blown wreck.

  • I can relate, my hubby is taking the brunt of my emotional turmoils that sound like yours, a lot of anxiety and tears? I'm exhausted and trying to function untill I break ! It isn't pretty ! Take care sonnerkay

  • My hubby has been wondering how other spouses are handling things. I'm not the same female he married.

  • Life changes all of us, illness spares none. Confined to a wheelchair (MS) i sought answers, how could a relationship survive with one partner disabled? I was told, there are healthy relationships where one or both are disabled, and there are unhealthy relationships where both are physically fine. i was walking again in 6 months. Meningitis is scarier, than anything I've ever went thru, and the turmoil on our relationship feels harder for both of us. Each day is a unknown? Physically, mentally, emotionally, hour by hour it changes. Uncertainty of my mental state of mind is hardest of all, with anger, tears, frustration, exhaustion , claiming most of my existance. My hubby is supportive, angry,calm, reacting to my roller coaster emotions, and mostly he's waiting for time to pass to get this behind us. He told me " Marriages survive thru the worst, by each partner having the strength to believe in the other"


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