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Hi All, this isn't for me but my niece. She is being treated for Viral Meningitis but keeps being told different things by different staff. She was admitted on Saturday and has had some anti viral antibiotics. She only had the lumbar puncture this morning. Doctor told her if negative she can go home this afternoon, if positive she will be in for two weeks. Nurse said 48-72 hours before she gets results. She has Asperger's and Autistic Spectrum and is completely freaking as nobody giving her a straight answer. Can anyone help? How long did it take for you to get a diagnosis? Many thanks.

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  • You might find ringing Meningitis Now helpline helpful - they are nurses. Also ask for a home visit when your niece does get discharged from Meningitis Now as there will be a lot of issues that they can help with. Helpine 0808 80 10 388 9 am to 10pm. Good luck

  • Thank you. Will do xx

  • Hi sassysez63

    I started to get treated for bm before my lumbur puncture too

    the lumbur is the definate answer of meningitis usually and to see which type of bug it is then they change antibiotics if needs be

  • Thank you Stace30. She's been in IV drip since Saturday and got the message today that it was viral and, thank goodness, not bacterial. They are discharging her which is a God send as Medway Maritime Hospital one of the worst in the country so it's now safer for her to be at home. Thank you again xxx

  • Hi sassy, sorry your niece is ill. Others here may give you more specific detail & correct me if I am wrong, however the LP result, being positive to diagnose bacterial meningitis or negative for viral meningitis diagnosis should be available straight away. The 48-72 hour timeframe usually would be expected to specifically identify which bacteria is the culprit in bacterial meningitis situations so the best antibiotic can be administered to target that specific bacteria. That's why the doctor said your niece can go home today if it viral meningitis, because they know straight away if it's VM or BM. My mum had BM and they knew within minutes of her LP. They identified that it was specifically pneumiccoccal meningitis after "growing" the bacteria overnight. Hope this info helps. Unfortunately, doctors (especially those in ICU), will give very different opinions at any given time. Some Drs are desensitised and can appear quite rude with his frankly they speak whilst others are more sympathetic and don't explain as much. If you are someone who wants to know everything about your nieces condition, make sure you communicate that. Otherwise you may be left in the dark which can be frustrating. All the best for your nieces speedy recovery. Fingers crossed it is VM. Even still her recovery at home may take weeks or months before she feels well again. X

  • Hi. Thank you so much for your reply. Emily is OK but taking it easy. She has Asperger's and not very good at change so it's 'challenging'. LOL. I'm so sorry to hear about your Mum. I do hope she made a good recovery.

    thank you, once again, and have a lovely Christmas. xxxxxxx

  • I see from another post that it's VM. Thank goodness. VM is still a serious illness so please contact meningitis now if you need advice when caring for your niece at home. Glad she is out of the hospital. There are some dodgy ICU units out there.

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