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Three years since first vm,I just wanted to thank everyone on this group for being there,and thank meningitis now for being there xx

Hi, it's been three years since my first vm,I really just wanted to thank everyone in this group for helping me,I don't have anyone else to talk to,you all have been my rock!!

Meningitis now have been amazing -lucie!! Xx I still suffer from depression,anxiety,mood swings,magnified hearing :-( ,spinal pain and awful awful back head pains,still rely heavily in my trusty old sunglasses and still have a terrible short term memory problem (which my kids often enjoy,as I forget when they are not allowed something lol)

I do believe I survive three years because of you my children and you all! X Thankyou sooooo much xx

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Hi Kel.

Gosh is it 3 yrs now for you since you contracted VM. This forum is great I agree as it enables us to communicate with others who truly understand! Like you I felt very isolated and alone until I found everyone on here! I can totally appreciate you last sentence as well as I totally believe that it was not wanting to leave my young son that enabled me to beat the odds and survive and he is now my focus that has helped my recovery and keeps me going with all the difficulties and life changing limitations I face having sustained a frontal brain injury.

Congratulations on reaching a 3 yr milestone and not letting your ongoing problems overwhelm you.

Very best wishes xx

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My mum died from bacterial meningitis this may. I don't think she wanted to leave me? I'm glad you were LUCKY to have recovered.


Hi I had VM back in 2012. Like you it!s been 3 yrs I feel for the most part I'm doing much much better However I still have the short term memory and as far as mood swings I would say it's more like a lack of patience. I get easily frustrated or overwhelmed. I was wondering what kind of anxiety you are suffering from. Ive been going through some stuff and I'm not sure what's going on with me but this is not like me at all.


Hi its been three years for me in October too!!! Wow. Im going well with the botox to stop the migraines and thats been the best thing ever! The body aches I control with endep. And the weight gain I have to manage with self control! But otherwise, I think I have been very lucky to be fighting on , doing postgraduate study and working part time. In May next year I m walking to Mt Everest basecamp. Slowly!! So all in all, yeah the stuff is still going on but Im fighting the good fight and I am so glad for this group cause all of you know what I know and how hard it has been. We are surviving.


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