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Viral meningitis

On 6/21/15 i woke up to a small blister on my bottom lip. This was only the second time in my life that I had a cold sore. So like the first time I went to rite aid and spent the 22.00 on Abreva for a speedy recovery. Unfortunately this time was nothing like the first. My lip tripled in size making it hang open all the time. The blister was huge and tight. I thought surely at any moment it was going to just explode. Thankfully it never did, but it did get infected. On 6/22/15 I woke up to the stiffest neck ever and hard marble size lymph nodes all around my neck front and back. I had severe body aches and just felt run down. So I went to urgent care. There they confirmed I had a cold sore and put me on a prescription for Valtrex take 2 1 gram pills then another 2 in 12 hrs. Easy enough. I figured by Tues I would feel so much better, boy was I wrong. On 6/23/15 my fiance rushed me to the er because I had the worst headache ever. I felt as if head was splitting in two with my eyes bulging out of the sockets. I couldn't handle light of any kind people talking was like them screaming and all I could do was lay there and cry, which just made it hurt even more. My neck was so stiff and sore it was visible how swollen it was. Right away they suspected meningitis. They gave me morphine and a spinal tap. I was stuck 6 times trying to get the spinal tap everything was just so tight and swollen I could feel the needle scraping my spin I still cringe when I think about it. Thankfully on the 6th try they got it, now the waiting game. The Dr had me admitted to the hospital to manage the pain and started me on iv meds. The spinal was negative for bacterial meningitis which is great I guess that is the bad one, so I was diagnosed with viral meningitis I have been on an antiviral medication I get through my iv. We stay on top of pain meds if they are late in getting them to me im hurting like hell again. I have had an mri with contrast done, I also have a neurologist working on my case as well since the meningitis is causing vertigo and also affecting my vision in my right eye. We also learned if I lay flat on my right side with my head hanging off the bed my eyes bounce like crazy. Not a pleasant experience. It's like being on a amusement park ride that never ends and goes way to fast. On 6/25/15 I had another spinal tap done. My white blood cells are high in my spinal fluid so I am going to stay in the hospital for sure till monday. I will also be getting a picc line put in and hopefully will be able to go home and be put on outpatient therapy.

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Best wishes and remember take your time with recovery, don't over do!


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