Spinal cord stimulation

Thought I would update on the above now that It has been in place since 2nd March 2015. I was offered the opportunity to have the above implanted into my lower back to try to reduce the severity of the phantom pains that I was getting in the feet that I do not have (bilateral below knee amputee) the implant has been in place for 3 months now and in that time I have been able to reduce the amount of pregabalin that I took from 450mg per day to zero and I am now going to start to reduce the amitriptyline that I take, the pains have not completely disappeared but the frequency and severity have certainly reduced, before this I would get what I described as something similar to being tazered in different parts of the foot and have not had a single instance since having this procedure.

I know it is not for everyone but the benefits that I have felt make me believe that it is something for people to discuss with medical practitioners if they feel that they may benefit from this.

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  • Hi legless

    Thanks for the update. Am really pleased for you that the procedure has definitely had a positive outcome for you. Maybe things could further improve yet??

    Best wishes

  • I am so glad to hear someone has had a good outcome from receiving the stim. I contracted bacterial meningitis during my implant procedure. I would not expect anyone to shy away from this procedure, as I am apparently the one and only person this has happened to. I would greatly encourage everyone to research infection rates. Don't just take the doctors word for it that infections are rare. It almost killed me.

  • Thank you for the update, really interesting to read how this is helping you,

    Best wishes

  • Hi Legless, I just wanted to say congrats on stopping the 'tazering', and I hope your advice can help others to avoid the same. It means so much to feedback on the positive steps we can take to improve life going forward :-)

    Be wishes Sir, Justin

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