Bacterial meningitis and septicemia

My daughter had men B at 7 months old, she is now 11 and getting ready for high school. She has learning problems and some children at her school pick on her because she looks different! She has scars to her face, arms and legs because of the septicemia. She has told me before that she wished she had died and that she wants to kill herself. She now goes to see a psychotherapist every week, that seems to help but then something is said at school or someone starts picking at her asking questions and she gets mixed up, they all start laughing and being horrible to her.she TELs the teachers sometimes it will get sorted out or the other child/ children say ttthey didn't do or say anything and the teacher takes the other child word over hers. She comes out in a mood and will take it out most of the time on her little brother who is 8 now and has ADHD or her little sister who is 4 or me or her dad.

She has highs and lows pods, gets mixed up with words and gets worryed about leaving me and having to do talks or reads in front if the class.

She is looking former to high school and will have some cousins there that I know will look out for her and she will go and talk to. She is worryed about going down the stairs, when it is busy because she takes it a step at the time, both feet go on the same step.

I have had a meeting with the high school and her school, to talk about how to her her with the move and to try and get some extra funding for a TA for the first term. She has a statement and lever D3 funding for a TA support worker.

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  • Hi Kim

    Thanks for sharing how things are for your daughter and you all as a family. Sorry to hear that your daughter suffered BM & S at such a tender age and consequently has had ongoing problems. It is heart rendering to hear that she has been bullied by other children to the point of wishing she had died. That will be so distressing for you to hear her say I am sure as no mum wants their child to be so unhappy that the say such things. Hopefully the psychotherapy will in time help her to be more resilient to other children's cruelty and be more confident and less vulnerable in herself. You are doing they right thing with meeting with her high school so that you can make sure that as much as possible is in place to support her educationally, socially and emotionally. You are clearly a very loving and caring mum who is doing so much for her daughter and her other children. You have had so much to deal with as a mum not only with getting through the life threatening experience of your daughters BM and subsequent impact but also balancing he needs of your other 2 children especially as your son has ADHD which is also an additional challenge/difficulty. You have made it thus far so clearly an amazing mum. Hope you and your hubby are a close supportive couple to each other and do find time for you together too.

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