My son woke up this morning (sunday) with a sore neck, I took his temp from his ear shortly after and it was 101.8 after that I decided to call his doctors office. The doctor asked me if he could move his neck without complaining and he did, the doc said if he started vomiting to bring him in to the er or if his fever got worse. His fever got better with tylenol I gave him at 1:00 pm its 99. Now its 1:00 am and when I woke him up to bring him over to my bed he was complaing of his neck still hurting and leg pain, hes not vomiting, his temp is still 99. I have no idea what to do. He does have one little bruise looking bump on his leg..

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  • Hi, Meningitis requires urgent medical treatment. If you are still concerned about your sons symptoms, get him seen again by a doctor as soon as possible.

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