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My son woke up this morning (sunday) with a sore neck, I took his temp from his ear shortly after and it was 101.8 after that I decided to call his doctors office. The doctor asked me if he could move his neck without complaining and he did, the doc said if he started vomiting to bring him in to the er or if his fever got worse. His fever got better with tylenol I gave him at 1:00 pm its 99. Now its 1:00 am and when I woke him up to bring him over to my bed he was complaing of his neck still hurting and leg pain, hes not vomiting, his temp is still 99. I have no idea what to do. He does have one little bruise looking bump on his leg..

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Hi, Meningitis requires urgent medical treatment. If you are still concerned about your sons symptoms, get him seen again by a doctor as soon as possible.

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Hi Claire, My daughter was diagnosed with acute bacterial meningitis 3 days after birth,admitted for 16 days and then discharged . She is now 4 months old and she is hitting all the developmental milestones for her age but my question which worries me is: When can a doc authoritatively tell if baby made full recovery without the side effects of the disease...Her next appointment is when she turns 6 months. Thanks for your advice


Hi Dixo, I am sorry to read that your daughter suffered from bacterial meningitis as a newborn baby. Usually, any serious problems are apparent during or shortly after the illness (e.g. hearing or sight problems, severe brain injury). Less serious “after-effects” can occur and may not be apparent until later in childhood, e.g. concentration problems at school which may require some extra support.

No one can give an exact time when the risk of any problems has passed. However, the fact that your daughter is doing well and reaching her milestones is very encouraging. Please do not worry unduly, talk to your health visitor or GP about any concerns you have.

If you live in the UK, we have a very useful guide which gives lots of information about recovery and possible after-effects which you can order from here meningitisnow.org/how-we-he...


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