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Incontinence & Sexual Dysfunction

Hi, This is my first post on this website. In December 2012 I was diagnosed with both Bacterial and Viral meningitis and became unconscious before I was able to receive treatment. A couple of days in, I had also contracted Transverse Myelitis (Inflammation of the myelin sheath/Spinal Cord). I woke up with many problems (too much to list) but I made slow recoveries in some areas. My main area of concern is my Urology and sexual dysfunction. I am unable to empty the bladder and I've had Botox injections to 'treat' the leakages that I also suffered. Therefore, I have been using intermittent catheters since April 2013 and have had many complications after it (UTI's and antibiotic resistance). It doesn't seem like it will improve but doctor's are still giving it a chance. I therefore also suffer from ED. The PDE-5 Inhibitors that have been prescribed do not work. I haven't seen any forums concerning these issues so I am guessing this isn't a common symptom. I would like to hear stories from people who may have suffered\suffering from the same issues and maybe if they have encountered any treatments or cures.

Thank You,


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Hi hasmat ali welcome to this forum. I am so sorry to hear that you suffered both BM and VM at the same time. You are the first person that I have met on here that had them at the same time although there are some like me who have had both but at different times. Like you I ended up in virtually in a coma before I even got to the hospital. Well done for fighting such nasty infections although like for many of us we are left with the difficult after effects which turn our lives upside down from the way they were before. That can be very difficult to cope and adjust too. To have suffered Transverse Myelitis as well was yet another whammy and I figure I would be right in thinking that the inflammation has damaged the nerves that signal your urinary needs and at the moment the Urologist is giving 'time' to see if things will recover. Like with BM for some it can take months and sometimes even years for the brain and body to recover as it is not like 'flu' which resolves within days or a couple of weeks. Even after the BM infection has gone the recovery has only just started. I can only assume that with your Urology problems that it also takes time for the nerves to recover and whether full function has been achieved or whether any long term problems are now apparent. I have no experience of these problems and am only trying to make an educated guess as the best people to ask are your Drs as they know exactly what has happened and how your function is now. But again I suspect at the moment they are not going to say one way or the other because maybe more time is needed. I am not aware of anyone on this site who has similar urology problems but that maybe because they have not wanted to talk about them and may perhaps decide to respond to you by PM. As for the sexual dysfunction that may be a side effect of medication or it could be because of all you have been through and are having to cope with in the 'urology' department that has impacted on your ability in that area of life. Maybe again your specialists are the best ones to speak to about that because depending on the cause it would need a different treatment.

Maybe it would also be helpful for you to ring the Meningitis Now helpline and talk things through with them. They are very knowledgeable about the impact of meningitis and have lots of info and guidance to offer.

Best wishes


Hi, where and how did you contract the meningitis? I see December 2012. I had it in October 2012, and it was from a contaminated drug injection from NECC in

Framingham, Mass. I too was in a coma, as soon as I reached the hospital, and was in and out for 26 days in the hospital, and two weeks in a nursing home/rehab.

Have you seen your lab results?

They treated me for both VM, and BM, although I actually had Eosinophilic Meningitis. All of my spinal taps, showed now evidence of BM, or VM.

I haven't had any of you conditions though. Good luck, hope things improve for you.




I believe time is a great healer.

I need an advise as well. My fiancee contracted tb meningitis in july 2014. She was unconscious and woke up with so many issues. Now most of her issues have resolved but she's having issues in walking as she still has spasm in her left leg and weakness in right arm. Will it get any better. She early had incontinence which resolved with time.


Wow - another guy with the same problems! I don't empty my bladder fully, although it has improved by doing pelvic floor exercises. Ultimately i produce a very low pressurized stream.

With regards ED, again much the same. Cialis was promising but inconsistent and I could retain an effective erection. Even the highest dose of Viagra hasn't done the trick, nor injections or muse pellets.

I am resigning myself to penile implants 😬

See below link:- sexhealthmatters.org/erecti...

Good luck buddy - message me on 235941@gmail.com if you want to get in touch



Hello Hashmat, I contracted TB meningitis in 2008 and suffer from the same problems - Erectile dysfunction and unable to fully empty my bladder.

None of the ed Meds worked, nor the vacuum pump so I've opted for the last option which is penile implants.

2 days following and my penis is bruised and battered but I'm hoping that as the swelling subsides I'll have a penis that I can use for effective and mutually satisfying sex


I have been cathing for 10 years since my viral meningitis and transverse myelitis- now my bladder is hypertrophied and I have reflux of urine into the kidneys. I did Botox for 10 years, and now am looking for other recommendations 


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