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Carbon monoxide poisoning

Hello,just still wondering if any one has a loved one that has suffered from carbon father has been unresponsive since May,and i still praying for a miracle.he opens his eyes when ever i come in the room but he doesn't respond.I will not give up faith just wandering if anyone know someone that survive the poisoning this long,his vital are good,its just he can't respond to me,it hurts for him to not be with me for the new year,but i just look at it like he still hanging fighting strong.Sometimes. i dont know if im doing the right thing,but my heart tells me yes,plz anyone out there or anyone knows someone that haa mas it through this long.

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Hi smilepray

I am really very sorry to hear that your father is still in an unresponsive state. That is a very long time to be coping with him in such a state and still not knowing whether your prayers for a miracle will be answered. I have no experience of carbon monoxide poisoning so sadly cannot offer any ideas as to what the future holds. I think the Drs treating him would be best placed to answer your questions as they will be able to evaluate his prognosis with the scan and response test results etc.

Thinking of you as this must have been a very difficult time of year for you with not being able to celebrate together.


Thank you for your kind words,It means a lot at times like this.I don't know who to turn to for help because i'm all he has and i don't know the first step to take to make sure he is ok.I will keep praying and searching for any thing that will help.thank you for your time!


Hello, I was saddened to read your post about your father. Do not give up. Keep on being positive. There are exceptions and there are no hard and fast guidelines for recovery from coma. I am a neuroscientist based in Sydney Australia. (I'm on the Health Unlocked Meningitis forum as I developed bacterial meningitis in March 2013 and am still suffering a lot of head pain).

My fields of research are chronic neuropathic pain and consciousness. I established and run the Australian Register for Disorders of Consciousness - ARDoC - which of course includes coma, as well as minimally conscious states, vegetative state and Locked-in Syndrome.

I recommend that you take a look at the ARDoC webpage; Follow the link to 'coma' and you will see that I have put up quite a few helpful contact details. More importantly for you, I have listed a book by a wonderful doctor called Ted Freeman. His book is very helpful for those with a loved one in a coma regardless of etiology. I think you will find that book informative and useful.

It is vital to keep treating your father as the man who he is, not just as a coma patient. Talk with him, play him his favourite music, joke with him about all the things he enjoys, be gently tactile with him, get his friends to come in.... In Ted Freeman's book you will find details of structured therapy to help your father's brain recover. It may never happen and you must bear in mind that sometimes miracles happen and sometimes they don't.

Along with the other people who've posted, I send you my love, thoughts and prayers and I send those to your father too. Keep optimistic.

Shannan x


Thankyou for the info,that's the most info i've got for my father since this has happen.I know deep down in my heart i have to keep fighting for him.I can't give up, his vitals are good no bed sores "THANK GOD". HE is just not responding to any commands we ask him.I feel one day he is going to snap out of this and my dad will be back,even if he is not the same i would be greatful just to hear his voice again.He is not suffering or in any pain.I know he is fighting this,that's why i still going strong for him. I just wish there was something else the doctors could do for him ,not just telling me to give up.I would never want my father to suffer and god let's me know he's not. When i go see him if he is sleeping and I say HEY DAD he will open his eyes and look around and sometimes i feel like he is looking at me.I have been playing his faviort cd that he gave me before his acccdient happen,for him since may and I know he hears it because it play's everyday non stop for him.thank you for your time!


If you really want to help your father, get Ted Freeman's book. It has been used by families with loved ones in coma. Try it.

All the very best.



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