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VM and insurance claim

I was off work 6 months after VM. Spent 9 days in hospital and suffered memory loss, extreme fatigue, vertigo, bad vision, some neck and head pain and severe depression. I am back full time now but haveny been paid as ins. Company denied my claim stating their medical book states 1 to 42 days for VM. Perhaps they need to listen to my doctor who saw me every two weeks. Anyone else encounter this??

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I've not had the exact same experience but I am a near fatal VM survivor with experience of insurance companies. The first thing you have to remember is that insurance companies have shareholders and are pretty keen on making profits so just because you've paid for insurance doesn't mean they're going to pay out whenever you need it. A lot of people believe that once an insurance company says no to a payout that is the end of it and it isn't. Ask for a copy of the relevant section of their medical book, ask what qualifications specifically around VM the author had, how many people with VM had they treated, what qualified them to say 1-42 days and on what practical experience was this based etc. the insurance company will blindly follow their procedures as they don't know the recovery time for VM either. Depending on where you live there may be independent insurance appeal bodies that you can approach, in the UK it's the insurance ombudsman, so it's worth fighting for as insurance companies are organisations which will avoid paying out nat all costs as that's what their business model is based on, take money in-avoiding paying it out again. Their medical book is clearly wrong and if they say it isn't you can say that it's the first book in history written by a human which is completely accurate then, is it? As many of the VM survivors will tell you on here the medical profession is taught that VM as like flu and isn't seious so that's what the author of the medical book was told too. If you make yourself a big enough pain in the butt there will come a time when they will just want rid off you because you're costi them more money to deal with the claim than pay it. I hope you continue to recover and good luck!

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Thank you for your support and information


I haven't encounter this but in your situation, I guess the insurance company needs proof with your hospitalization. Or better yet, you can ask your lawyer about it. I would suggest that you should go, talk to a lawyer and ask what are the possibilities of getting a medical insurance claim after you have suffered from this health problem of yours.


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