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There is hope for viral meningitis recovery

After I got viral meningitis I started reading the stories of other people and It makes me nervous to read that the headaches will never disappear. So now, 1 year 3 months later, I want to write my more positive story.

I went to the hospital on 31st of May 2013 and stayed there 4 days. I had a slow recovery (at least that was my feeling). I was almost on bed during the first month. I had constant and strong headaches and I couldn't read, watch tv, hear strong sounds, etc. It was a quiet and strange life. Fortunately people in my job were very understandable and supportive. The second month I started to work from home 2-3 hours per day, and increase them gradually. 4 months later, I started working 30 hours per week, and 6 months later full time.

I think the headaches disappeared about 3 months later also gradually. A pharmacist told me that after long time of taking headache pills, your body starts to create some dependency, so I started decreasing the medication gradually and it worked! I started to take less and less pills until I didn't need them. I still was very sensitive, and after being concentrated for long (about and hour) I would get them again. When I was working 30 hours per week, I started taking 30 minutes rest every 2-3 hours, going to a room where I could just relax. That helped me a lot. I learned how to recognize my body reactions, and when I started feeling an increasing "pressure" in specific areas of my head, I knew I had to take that rest.

Now I can stay longer hours in front of a computer, or highly concentrated for hours. I still get tired after that, but I no longer have the headaches (I take breaks to avoid them). I think I'm still in the process of recovery, but most important I now think I will do it, if not completely as I was before, at least pretty close.

We are all very different, and the virus could cause different damages in each body. But I wanted to share my story and tell you that for some (or many) of us the damages are not that bad, and we "just" need to learn how to "listen" our body reactions, have trust in our capacities, not lose hope, never give up for our recovery, and maybe more difficult: have patience.

Be strong and happy for being alive :) Good recovery!

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Grt advice


Applause! Sometimes we all need to hear positivity to help us along the way!


It's great to hear of your recovery and yes it's always slow I've said it so many times that your body has had one hell of a ride. We all have had little set backs at time but time is the real healer in all of this. You have done the right thing taking it slow and building gradually your body tells you what it can cope with and you always have to listen to it.

Well done in recognising what you should be doing and you know it gets better :)


Thank you this has given me hope x


Thank you for a more positive story.


Hi Anaeme, it is good to read a positive post as I had VM in March this year and I am still having difficulties with headache, stiff neck, concentration and fatigue. I am aiming to return to work later this month to a demanding job which requires a lot of concentration so I am interested to read how you coped with work and took rests. I am nervous about starting work as I am now doing better in my recovery and I am worried about setting myself back. I think you are right about it taking time and patience. X


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