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Hi, I got VM 7 months ago and was wondering if anyone else has or had a faint type of feeling. It's hard to explain but it's like the blood is all draining from me, the feeling I feel before I have fainted before. I have had my blood pressure taken when it has happened and the doc said it was normal so wasn't the reason for it. It happens at any time, sitting, standing, if I have been walking...so I can't see a pattern. I can also get a nausea feeling with it and get a sudden need to sleep. I'd say its one of my biggest 'issues' so would love any thoughts anyone has. Thanks

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  • Sorry, I can't help, but I'm sure someone can.

  • Hi! Oh ya! I totally know what you're talking about! It's like a head rush that you get when you stand up to fast but it never goes away. I'm not much help I've just learned to live with it I guess. Sometimes I'm spinning, sometimes I feel like I'm fainting but I never do. When it rushes bad I also feel the need to sleep. I don't know it's just like a lot if the after effects, I think it's probably a "brain thing" and hopefully it will go away in time. I'm 5 months post bacterial meningitis and its definitely gotten better since I got out of the hospital. Do you have hearing and or balance issues too?

  • Hi just knowing I'm not going crazy and you know what I am talking about helps. Ou explained it exactly. I just deal with it too along with the other issues. I don't have hearing problems but yes to the balance, I walk or fall into things all the time, it's a bit of a comical side between me and my husband. I'm lucky I haven't caused damage in shops by grabbing onto things quickly hehe. Thank you again and I hope your recovery speeds up x

  • Hello - I am into my 11th week after initial diagnosis of VM and I get dizzy feelings all the time. I'm back to work but still have frequent headaches and neck pain. I am on HB meds but they have never made me feel this dizzy. This meningitis is just crazy stuff.

  • Hi, as stated previously VM is a crazy illness! I am post VM from 16 months ago and I still experience dizziness. Like other posts I have just learned to live with it as it appears there is little choice! I have constant pressure in my head and pain in neck all the time. Unfortunately I am now experiencing lots of other symptoms and was diagnosed with M.E last week or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, life just gets better and better!! Try and keep positive and don't allow your symptoms to take over your life! All the best

  • Thanks all for your messages. It's good to know we have each other to understand! It is crazy. Sometimes I feel like I have been walking round like a zombie for days!

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