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VIRAL MENINGITIS Joint and muscle pain 9 months after episode- No hospital doctor can explain it. Anyone else?

Hello, I had viral meningitis in October 2012 and in hospital in Australia for nine days, three months off work and still part time at work now in July 2013. The most significant after effect now, apart from depression, is the arthralgia type aching in joints and muscles. It has cycles, a week off, five days of aching, three days off, two days on etc. It goes away and comes back. No hospital in Australia can say why. I saw a neurologist who said there is no neurological damage and no nerve pain, so its not neuropathic pain. I now take no drugs as they had strong side effects-lyrica causing mood swings and weight gain and still the aching continued. Getting in a hot pool and exercising is just as effective as pain killers. The thing is, the neurologist had the clearest answer of all, he said serious virus' like meningitis, and also bad cases of glandular fever cause people to ache and have transient pain and fatigue for days, weeks, months or years. Then one day it will mysteriously go, and you wont know why and no medical explanation can be found. So I think we are all frustrated by the lack of answers and this answer is the best one I have had yet. The brain is mysterious, and medicine cannot cover the complex relationship between body and mind and healing. This helps me a bit but I am still totally pissed by the lack of medical knowledge. It becomes a quesiton of patience and sort of a mystical belief in the future of it. Thats so annoying because medical science is all empirical and rational and yet, really the answer to healing is actually very mysterious still. Its hard to strike a balance between faith and reason isnt it? Especially when you are tired of being sick, aching and fatigued which has been my journey. 9 months of it off and on. Still struggling to work. One thing though, twenty years ago I had bad glandular fever, salmonella, campylobactra and then amoebic dysentry in 18 months. I had post viral syndrome, and it took 2.5 years to lift. Then suddenly, it left and never came back and it felt like this, aching arms and legs and weird fatigue and temperatures and low blood sugar. So I reckon this is exactly the same, its post viral syndrome as theres no test to prove anything is wrong. I am looking really good in all the tests. So I suspect this is the answer and that one day it will wear off and I will think, wow I have not felt the ache for a few months......' Does anyone else ache like hell in joints? My arms and ankles cop it the most. Anyway, love to hear from you all, and I also want to say that I have had post viral whatever syndrome before and it lifted away. So all you out there, keep some faith, I reckon were all going to be the same. And...if you look at all the other poor people who copped it, pretty much everyone, at SOME TIME IN THE FUTURE, does not have the symptoms any more. Phew. Lets just remind ourselves of that shall we??

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Welcome to our forum, though sorry it is because of Meningitis! Arthralgia is a very common after effect of all types of Meningitis and it is really interesting that you say its the same a post viral aches.I had had ME/cfs for 12 years and had Bacterial Meningitis and Septicaemia in 2008.I feel the after effects of the Meningitis are so very similar to ME that I am unsure what is causing what symptom,only that they have got worse.I havbe been treated with various drugs for neuropathic pain,which had little effect but sedate me and my Gp says its neuropathic pain and arthralgia,but to me it is more a severe cramping,aching and sometimes a creepy crawly feeling( this maybe neuropathic).What helps most is a hot bath with a cupful of Epsom salts-magnesium helps muscle aches .I also use a magnesium spray at night and rub into legs arms and stomach .I was also given calcium and magnesium capsules by my herbalist and these have really reduced the intensity of the muscle and joint aches,Keep posting and let us know how you are doing-we are a friendly bunch here and there are lots who will share their experiences to help others along.Take care.


Hi rowen fly

I was just reading your posts & came across this.

I had extremely painful joints I couldn't move my neck, shoulders unbearable pain, knees & hips all joints even fingers....

I read that this was a sign the virus was making its way out of the body!

& it will hit each joint as it goes...

Mine eventually wore off but I can't give u a time scale as I can't remember but I think it was by two years in..... I read your posts & really relate to what you are & have gone through...

Hold on in there girl! This will get better.... But you have to get used to the NEW you.......

Acceptance is a great healer......


Siobahn xx



like you, I had meningitis as an adult and for months after would often get weak and achy for no apparent reason, often with emotional collapses. Gradually things got better - it was almost a year before I actually felt strong again - and it really is just the brain chemistry getting over the injury. Glad to be alive!


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I am three months post west Nile virus diagnosis that led to menigitis. I have acute flaccid paralysis and while I am making progress, I have to accept that I may not regain complete function. I am also having fluctuating pain. Not happy to hear it can continue indefinitely, struggling to get anyone to help me with pain management


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