Meningitis Now

Will she ever get there?

My daughter was born with meningitis group b strep, but did not get picked up until she was 5 days old. She was very still like a doll, fighting for her life with all sorts of wires and gadgets attached to her. 4 weeks later we got discharged, i was over the moon she had beaten this horrible infection.

6 months on and she is under a physio, dietiain, peadtrtion and consultant (sorry for the bad spelling) her arms and legs are still very stiff and cause her daily pain and stop her from reaching her milestone's. she also has problems with her feeding, she just carnt seem to get the hang of it. i just feel frustrated when i see other babies roll over or starting to crawl and my baby is just lying there and can not even move her legs without causing her pain.I know i shouldnt compare and that she has been through alot but its so frustrating. please tell me if anyone feels the same or has felt the same and their child has improved because at the moment i feel hopless. thankyou

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my little boy got meningitis at 3 months he is now 13 months, he has only just started crawling and pulling himself up i'm telling you now dont compare because it will only make you feel worse i cried my eyes out when someone compared him to another baby, your little one has been through a lot and will do things at her own pace your physio should give you things to do with her to help, i took my baby swimming the physio recommended it lots of massage and gentle movements its nice warm water helped him to. i know its so hard hearing other mums tell of their babys milestones when they are younger but they do happen just not at the same time it will get better xx


hi there, i have posted on this blog about my son joel, he was 7.5 mths when he got very ill, he had meningococcal septicaemia and meningitis. he has had quite a time getting to where he is today, he has had so many out patient appointments and some surgeries. he took a long time to use his hands as the ligaments had contracted and had to use hand splints, he also had to wear a leg brace for over a year. it is a horrible time for all who suffer from this but you will get there, it may take a while but you will look back on this and see how far your family have come. take care catherine x



I was 5 when I was in my first coma with meningitis, I had forgotton everything, how to walk, talk, eat it was like had reveversed into a new born baby, I also had spastisity down 1 side, I also had 2 learn tasks like going to the toilet as I had 2 have nappies, at 1st my mom said she was really worried I would never be how I was before and wouldn't improve but I did in time, it was painful at 1st and I had quite a lot of obsticles 2 over come but over a year I started to improve and within a few years I had recovered from my 1st bout of meningitis, unfortunately I had a rare birth defect which wasn't found so I went on to have a number of bouts everytime it caused me mobility probs, sometimes it would improve in 6months- year.

Play is a great way to help with things as it somewhat distracts the pain you are going through at the time and makes it fun rather than a task.

Do not worry about milestone times its just a guide.

Also your child has been through a big milestone in surviving meningitis.

I know its hard but I also know things do get better. :)


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