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Strep b meningitis

My daughter was 5 week old on 23/6/12when she had strep b meningitis. In the evening she was very restless and started vomiting and rolling back. We took her to A & E and they just grabbed her away from us and started giving her antibiotics and her lumber puncture. She spend one day at royal Berkshire hospital.she started fitting in the hospital. They made arrangements to transfer her in John Radcliffe Oxford intensive care unit as they don't have for babies here. Next morning she was ventilated in Oxford . We just could not believe and we were shocked what is happening. It was so painful to see her in such a pain. Drs said at one point that we will try to save her life. She was ventilated in Oxford and spended two weeks there. She was fighting for her life and we just felt so helpless. She spended three months in hospital altogether . She is recovering very well now ,lots of people involve with her. She has lost her eyesight bcz of meningitis. In the biggining ,Drs said she has lost her hearing as well but I could clearly see and feel that she was able to hear. They did two very advance tests to check her hearing and with god blessing ,result came back positive. She has passed her hearing test. It's still hurt a lot that she can not see as other babies can see. But I m very great full of God she is still with us. She is our little miracle. Plz remember her in ur prayers as we know ,we can't say anything definite about babies. Miracle happens and may be she is able to see soon. She is able to see sparkly things and lights.

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i will pray hard for you

i had the same but at 47 i lost my hearing then but to lose sight especial at tht age must be bad

9 years on i am still having big problems but at least i can see to read

I am sure every one is working hard for her but i am sure thins will just go down hill from here

Also make sure u use the trust the people there will also help u every step off the way thay are the best

good luck for the future

and god bless u all


Thank u Paul for best wishes. Same for u. I hope u get better . That's the pray we really can do and Waite .


I will pray for her- you have your baby and your little miracle in your arms. That is a blessing.


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