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hiya guys!

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hiya im new here and im here to join your artwork sections. i love doing art!

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hi realartlover61, welcome to the group. :)

theres not really an art section as such,but those of us who do arts,crafts etc just post pictures of them on here,so whenever you get a piece done just post it i dont think people woud mind as people put up with mine lol.

whats your main art style you do?

itd be cool if more group members did take up the arts as its a great way to relax, it just needs time and sometimes a bit of money to do (acrylic pouring for example-which looks great if your good at it-im not ive tried it a lot,or cheaper "dirty" acrylic pouring still needs a number of expensive items like hair spray and a pile of PVA glue from memory).

ill c wat i can do.

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Have you see the Hand Print Spatter Art Pack on Mencap's Learning Disability Week page?

Link to the Learning Disability Week page here - mencap.org.uk/get-involved/...

Link straight to the accessible art pack - mencap.org.uk/sites/default...

There is also another pack which is an art taskmaster challenge here - mencap.org.uk/sites/default...

It would be lovely to see your art too. You can share photos on here (make sure you have permission to use them) 😀

Best wishes


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