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adult aspergers diagnosis /test, support.

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hi all, i am new here and mainly here to seek advice as an adult who suspects i may have aspergers. i have always felt different but never really homed in on it until recently for numerous reasons and partly to do with finally facing this possibility. i have already approached my (nhs) gp/doctor which I found to be a massively uncompassionate situation on my gp's behalf not to mention I was told I would have to wait some time to speak to someone and I'm still waiting 2months later. i feel uncomfortable to press and pursue my doctor currently and just feel so discouraged and like im getting no where which frustrates me even more. also there has been some changes in my life in the past few years and i guess also with the covid situation lately, i feel like symptoms have been magnified and present themselves more obviously and more frustratingly in which coping mechanisms are no longer effective leading to me feeling more anxious, stressed and lack of control over myself coping in general, sometimes I feel like I'm losing and it's just all in my head, yet the rational side of me knows something is not as it should and I just need support or an answer.

my question is:


who can I approach for support and diagnosis/test as an adult of 40?


and what can i do myself to help my situation?

your probably thinking why don't I just search its easy, except I am finding this task very overwhelming specifically, to my surprise and feel more comfortable with this approach to reaching out for some direct advice or instructions from people already in the community.

kind regards.

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Hello and welcome ak_limbo

I am sorry that your GP isn't giving you the support you need with this. Are there any other GPs you could see instead?

If they are arranging for someone to talk to you about this, there may be a long waiting list. It could be worth checking where you are on the waiting list for this, and who you are waiting to see.

I have also found some links you might find helpful:

> here is more about aspergers on the National Autistic Society (NAS) website -

Also on NAS

> more about pre-diagnosis support here -

> information about diagnosis -

NAS have an online community too here - where you may find other people in a similar situation.

I hope these help a little.

Best wishes


It's differercult to get q diagnosed when your a young adlut my son was told he had autism when we fled the new pip forms in and need to see doctors note the doctor put autism on his notes with a ? On which ment he should of seen someone and they for got to do it he s snuggling a lot now

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Sarah_MencapAdministrator in reply to Artist-lady


I am sorry to hear this. Is his GP supporting him now?

Please do contact our helpline if you would like to talk to one of our advisors about this. You can call 0808 808 1111 or email

Find out more here -

Best wishes


thanks Sarah and to everyone, for your kind words and information. I shall take it all onboard definitely food for more thought on this occasion.

Hi there very sorry you aren’t getting the answers at your GP.

I can tell you this. They are no longer diagnosing people as Asperger’s.

It would be Autism.

They have removed Asperger’s from the diagnosis system.

And that’s possibly why they did not bothered helping you.

Sarah’s links below will be able to help

Wishing you well.

Hi just wanted to back up Leosammas reply. I’m 55 and was diagnosed Autistic 3 years ago. There are no separate terms any more and in particular Aspergers has been removed due to who it relates to, Hans Asperger was part of Hitlers regime and that’s partly why it’s been removed. You don’t need a separate label anyway? You are Autistic or you aren’t it’s that simple, there are no levels of it.

I agree it can be difficult getting a diagnosis as an sdult but it can also bring issues with it. You are very limited in your work outlook once you have an Autism label and I deny anyone to say otherwise. It brought up bad childhood memories for me I had buried for decades.

Think hard do you really need this before you take the plunge then if you still do badger your go until they refer you. You have a right. Lockdowns slowed things though and mine took four hrs.

Best of luck.

Same here I was diagnosed 3 years ago age 52. I always knew there was something different about me. Then I have two sons who are autistic one high functioning the other very severe.

A label does not change a person. It’s how you feel you are.

If someone talks to me about how well functioning I am I can’t be autistic I just say well it’s your perception of how you see me one might say you don’t know much about autism, and that’s unfortunate because in your mind your only autistic if you can’t speak and do the autistic traits.

Goes back to early 90s really,back then autism was still very much a mystery and it was seen unless your in a wheelchair or you needed to be compared to Dawn’s.

So we moved on and it’s actually cool to be autistic.

And a specialist giving you the go ahead won’t change who you are.

So ak_limbo you accept who you are then you will be ok.

If you want to tell people well I am actually autistic then do it.

But your diagnosis won’t change a thing for others.

You know I’m your heart that you are autistic and that’s that. People can take you as you are or not.

You owe them zilch.

Good luck.

This is a very useful site to self assess your self

My husband used it and found out he was on the spectrum and he is 57 years old. Our son was diagnosed 4 years ago.

Hi there is another site and it has a lot of useful information to read and consider

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