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Learning Disability?

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My son is aged 11 and diagnosed with Autism, as he is getting older I'm seeing more signs that he may have a learning disability but I'm not sure if or how I get a diagnosis of this for him?

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Call the Autistic society they will be able to advise you on how best to get your son the help he needs

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Hello Lou19899 .It is hard for parents to see problems such as learning disabilities in their children,There is a lot of information on this website and in other places as well.The teachers at school would be able to see if there was a problem and should be able to offer extra help and apply for funding.They should advise on getting an Assessment of his needs and I think things appear to change but I believe it is an Education ,Health and Care Plan for children with SENDS(Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) Once this is done the school can get all the help needed and access Speech, therapy.Physiotherapy and Occupational therapy.A social work er will be assigned and will /can discuss money benefits.

A lot of children( and I am thinking of my childhhood which was over 50 years ago) went through schools in the D stream and possibly had mild learning disabilities which was not recognised.They may have left school being unable to read or write but still managed to get meaningful work and learn to drive..Talk to the teachers and look around all the positive letters on the web site.Good luck


There’s no such a thing as a LD diagnosis. But school will tell you if indeed your child has an LD. Often it’s easy to realise. Speech at times is a sign but not always , he’s level of verbal reasoning, he’s level of learning. Can he read write?

Does he understand what he is being taught?

So speak to he’s Senco teacher in school.

As them to do an assessment.

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Yes there is such a thing as a LD diagnosis. A clinical psychologist can make that diagnosis. I’m out of touch regarding children being diagnosed but I would assume the school would pick up on this. If your concerned I would talk to your GP regarding any further tests or assessments. My son was reassessed in 2014 at the age of 40 and diagnosed with a Severe Learning Disability as his abilities were constantly overestimated causing him increased anxiety.

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With Children is different though because he is still in school, therefore the school combined with education and psychology.

It could be that your son has a learning disability or a learning difficulty. You need to ask for assessments by an educational psychologist, speech and language therapist, and occupational therapist who specialise in this area. They will be able to find out what his difficulties are and recommend what help he needs. Some learning difficulties are not obvious and only picked up with tests. My son processes information slowly so needs more time for explanations etc . He has also sometimes had word finding difficulties. The tests are nothing to fear and a good therapist will make them fun. They will show you what he is struggling with and how to help. Your son is legally entitled to assessment and an EHCP plan. It may be that a more traditional style of teaching would suit him so you might need to consider a different school. You know your son best and if you think he may have learning difficulties you are probably right.

The Dyslexia Research Trust are a charity that has a helpful website about learning difficulties.

IPSEA can also help and advise you about getting support for him .

Hi, got a draw full of T-shirt’s some amazing some not so. Have you been keeping a log, what it is that you think he is or isn’t doing when he should or shouldn’t be?






Any other information, food he’s eaten, if he’s feeling pressurised like at a party or school.

Flag it up with school, then they will go through procedures (community paediatrician, educational psychologist etc) lots of observations, tests (which is good) .

Another way is via your gp, again express your concerns, show the log you will have been keeping.

Good luck and your son is a lucky boy to have a mum like you 👍

Remember you are the expert on your son, the practitioners are the ones with knowledge on medical conditions, working together is what it’s all about

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