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Cycling for someone with a learning disability

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Does anyone have any experience of disability cycles (not sure that is the right term)? I've seen some adult tricycles that look good, also some bikes that have more than one seat. I'm looking for something suitable for a young adult and I am not sure where to start without spending a fortune. Thanks.

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We had a bike made for our son. It was done by Bath medical institution.

I can’t remember how much exactly it was but it wasn’t overly expensive like some special needs bikes are .

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Sarah_MencapAdministrator in reply to Hello1959

Hello - thanks for posting. It is great to have you here. Cheers, Sarah.

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Hello crazysquirrel.

Thanks for posting. Near where I live there is a bike shop that specialises in these sort of bikes. Each year there is a festival where you can try some out.

There are also these websites that you might find helpful:



Best of luck


Hi there crazysquirrel ,

I have used this organisation before and think they are great:

They might be a great starting point for you.


Hi crazysquirel

My boy has had a number of trikes from Tomcat over the years

thanks for this link - they look great

We have had tomcat trikes too and they are great and very adaptable. To keep the costs lower you could look at eBay and buy one from there as they go for next to nothing, then purchase any extra supports etc from tomcat directly.

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