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Hi, my 24 year old son has moderate learning disability and heart condition and had a phone assesment for pip a few weeks ago just been told he is not eligible for it any more so disappointed. We are now appealing.

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I was going to say appeal make sure you get all the relevant information and letters from health professionals anyone that can support your claim

Hi, if you haven't already, have a look on benefitsandwork.co.uk - they have excellent guides on there. Good luck.

Sorry to hear that make sure you do it within the 1month they give you to appeal . I previously sent my form late due to difficult circumstances and they didn’t give me anything for a year! You need to look at how his heart condition affects his day to day living . Get the medical evidence together or how his moderate learning affects him with evidence.

Hi, get help from citizens advice, my son is 33 and has moderate learning disabilities. Each time we have to go through the appeal process even though we have had very good evidence and stated how it affects his daily living and mobility activities. Even though this is a lifelong condition they still seem to have to re-assess every couple of years like something is going to change. It truly is the most difficult and stressful thing to go through, but don’t give up. The whole process of pip assessments needs to be re -looked at and changed. Good luck.

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Yes we also get all that re-assessing with our two sons. I agree it is very stressful for us, as parents doing everything and then having to get all the relevant, uptodate info together. It never stops does it. They like to make it as hard as possible as some people won't bother because it's such a lengthy process.

Pip is awarded by how your disability affects your life so you have to make sure you really push that home describing your worst day. You could have 20 diagnosis and still be turned down.

Appeal all the way! My son was not given it first time until I thought for him. We got it for him in the end.

I think they most probably do that as a routine thing, turning everyone down! My sons have complex needs, need 24 hour care for mobility and personal care. They still get turned down or they try to put the rate from high to middle. Even though we had a social worker fill the form in!!

As others have said work through each of the 12 criteria and state what help he needs, and what would happen if he was on his own with no help. Eg could he cook a meal from fresh ingredients? Would he wash and dress every day? If he was poorly can he know that & make a GP appointment etc. A diary for a day is sometimes helpful showing what help he needs. You def need evidence from Hospital/ GP. if he goes to any clubs/ daycare what help he needs.

More info the better

Good luck

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So sorry to hear this. It is great that you are appealing, but do take advice from some of the organisations suggested in the other posts on here.

Citizen's advice are brilliant - citizensadvice.org.uk/benef...

They are likely to have an office near you too, and maybe a chance to talk to someone about this.

Turn2Us also have this which is really good - turn2us.org.uk/Benefit-guid...

Mencap's helpline may also be able to help - mencap.org.uk/advice-and-su...

Best of luck. Please let us know how you get on .

Best wishes


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