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Booking a Covid Vaccination on NHS website - impossible!

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Hi, Hope someone can help. My (26 year old) daughter has dyslexia and dyspraxia and is registered with her GP as such (confirmed this last week with the GP). We are trying to book her a covid vaccination on the NHS website but every time we try there is no “box” to tick to say she has a learning disability and it therefore says that she is not allowed to book an appointment. As I understand the latest JCVI guidelines, those with learning disabilities are classed as part of “group 9” and should be booking their appointments. So how do those with learning disabilities book if they cannot book via the NHS site?

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She should be able to get one immediately does she have a yearly check and if she on the register at you g p surgery check and if she doesn’t have a yearly check up she isn’t get her registered and your g o surgery should be able to get her booked in she should have had it weeks ago so don’t take no for an answer. Any issues speak to your MP

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When we spoke to her GP last week she admitted that my daughter should have been having annual checks but that they hadn’t picked this up. She did confirm that my daughter was on the register though and she should wait to be contacted. We have heard nothing since. We have contacted the GP again today to chase it up but, as ever, it takes hours /days to get through to the GP.

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Try Speaking to the practice manager aNd not the Receptionists as they can be the barrier but it’s not good enough is it. I’m wondering if the local hospital has a LD nurse and if they could help you at all. I don’t know how your daughter would ever cope going to a big vaccine centre can’t the surgery do it for her at the surgery or come to your home ?

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Hi, Thank you. We have actually spoken directly to her GP last week and again today about it but are getting no where. Her GP has told us today that her daughter also has Dyslexia but she doesn’t believe her daughter should qualify for a priority vaccination!

We also spoke to NHS Covid support line and they has directed back to the GP. Going round in circles.

I have just sent an email to our MP to see if that moves things forward.

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Latest update - My daughter has just been texted to book an appointment! :-). Maybe my various calls and hassling has paid off or maybe the text being received just after such calls is a mere coincidence 🤫. Either way I am a happy bunny!

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It’s ridiculous isn’t it I know that feeling so well and so frustrating I wish you luck.

as far as i am aware dyspraxia and dyslexia are not learning disabilities they are learning difficulties, could this be why ?

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LDAutie in reply to nursenatalie

This is very true, I am always telling the organisation that support me this and they don’t like it when I tell them to go look up mencaps website on this.

it must be so strange for people and parents in the UK to be told two different things-I know of organisations and charities using the DSM and not ICD version of ‘learning disability’, which woud include dyslexia and dyspraxia.

So I can understand why a doctor woud say it isn’t a LD but I can also understand why people think it is-the DSM manual is used in a wrong way here.

However HHandes you coud do what the manager of my home,and my parents two neighbours did, ring the local chemist if it’s got a covid injection place set up and ask if your daughter coud be given one of the left over injections that day, they are wasting lots of this medication,and they do let anyone come no matter what priory list you are, I had to be heavily sedated as my mum has cancer and my dad said I needed the shot to be able to finally go near her.I usually get the up the nose one but that will be a while before it comes out.

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HHandes in reply to LDAutie


Thankfully this is now sorted and my daughter will get her first covid vax tomorrow.

Dyslexia is a specific and recognised Learning Disability under the Equality Act and dyspraxia is also a recognised disability under the same act. Dyspraxia is a motor function disability that also effects learning because suffers can get extremely tired.

My daughter suffers and is professionally diagnosed with both but is thankfully described as “high functioning”. Indeed she has just passed a BHons Business degree (first class). Given she was not diagnosed until in the middle of her A levels (resulting in her crashing out of the year and having to start again) I am very proud of her achievements. It is just so frustrating when people look at her and refuse to believe she is disabled - they dont see the struggle and tears in the background.

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I undertand dyspraxia is a specific learning difficulty, not a learning disability. similar words but quite a different meaning.

You can either book it on her behalf, or wait for GP to book her one

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