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covid vaccine

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I'm really cross to find out that people with mild - moderate learning disabilities dont appear to be on the list to receive the vaccine at all - those under 50 will have to wait along with the rest of the population, and people with Downs syndrome and/or severe or profound learning disabilities only getting a look in after 65 year olds.

I see that mencap released a press statement - but i dont see any media have taken it up - is there a campaign to get behind with this?

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Yes there is a campaign on started by Mark Topps asking to Prioritise people with a learning disability to be vaccinated against Covid-19. I signed it some time ago, sorry I don’t know how to add the link, someone might be able to help or search for prioritise people with a learning disability to be vaccinated against Covid-19

If someone can post the link and get more signatures would be great.

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yep - I found that one and signed it. I dont think the gov pays any attention to - however any publicity is a good thing...

People with Down’s syndrome over 18 are now classed as extremely clinically vulnerable so they will get the vaccine at the same time as the over 70s according to the DSA.

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which is great - but shows up the inequality regarding heathcare and LD - my son does not have DS but does have LD, low muscle tone, a tendency to lose control of his temperature when ill, asthma and tends to suffer from respiratory diseases (more than average) however as he doesn't have a specific label and no one seems to add up all the factors, and each individual factor alone doesn't mean he qualifies for a vaccine - so he is left out.

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Hi there, I hope you're well. I know you posted your message quite a while back but we are looking for people who would be willing to talk to the media about why they believe people with a learning disability should have priority access to the vaccine. Would this be of interest to you? If so, it would be great if you could let me know. Thank you very much, Claire

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also - if you look up the government page for who gets the vaccine when - people with DS wont get it until AFTER the 65 year olds. Despite being classed as extremely vulnerable. and that was only put in after various organisations - mencap included I believe - complained.

I totally agree, bottom of the pile as usual. And people with LD are six times more likely to die of covid.

I think. .. the. Possible. effects. Of. Vaccine given to Us. As a. Mencap i e. Austistic. Person. Already are comprimised immune. Will be at higher risk of. Damage. Re. Immune ., brain functions deminished. Metals. Toxicity of the jab. See. Alternative Vaccines if. At. All. Risk further. Mind effects .

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Charlie2750Community friend in reply to Zedy

Hi Zedy I believe that you are scaremongering which in these times is unfair.All the nurses giving the vaccine will be properly trained to assess a persons vulnerability and ask about allergies and previous reactions.The vaccines will have been rigourously tested and for you to suggest that people will be damaged will send the wrong message.If you dont want it then you are able to make up your own mind but please dont put anyone off without them and you having the full facts.

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Zedy in reply to Charlie2750

Personally. I have exoerienced. Severe. Recations. To. All. Vaccines. As. Have. Many. And. Yes. I have done research. Thank You for your opinion

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Hi Zedy I am sorry that you have had bad reactions to some or all your vaccinations. Throughout the world there are billions of vaccinations give every day and without these people would be very ill. Reaction happens to some/many people but not all.

When a vaccine is given like the flu vaccine the nurse giving the injection normally asks about if you have a cold or had a reaction.If a person has the flu vaccine he or she nay have been in contact with someone who already has flu and may unknowingly has been incubating the flu and so may get a reaction similar as if she had the flu.Sore arms are common because it shows that the vaccine is possibly making antibodies to fight off the flu.Other people may not have been aware that the vaccine is sometimes grown in eggs and if they have an egg allergy this also can cause a reaction.Without Edward Jenners early work on the vaccines the world would be a very sick place.

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hello outdoorsy1

Everyone is talking about the vaccine, and rightly so.

Mencap's CEO, Edel, was on Sky News earlier this morning calling for people with a learning disability to be on the priority list.

Here is her Tweet about it -

I will also ask our campaigns team to post on here with more information.

Best wishes


it would be great if there was something easy to share - most people I have spoken to who do not have a disabled member of the family really believe that the vulnerable are on the list for vaccines - because they are mentioned.. the fact that lots of vulnerable have been pushed off the list is buried. Something showing the facts in an easy to share on social media format would be an easy way to get behind the cause. Thanks for all that you and team do x

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Hello again

I have just posted about our latest easy read document about the vaccine here -

I will post any other easy read about it on here too.



I just wanted to follow up to let you know that our policy team is working very hard behind the scenes to urge the government to give priority access to the vaccine to ALL people with a learning disability, not just those with Down's syndrome and more severe LD. Our CEO has also raised this directly with the health minister. We will keep pushing for this.

that's really good to know - thanks mencap team! - if we can get behind any campaign in any way, say so. x

I've just heard that Jackie O'Sullivan, our director of communications, has been on Sky News (either yesterday or this morning) discussing this very issue. I can't find a link to the interview but I'll share it if it's available.

there are the beginnings of some media attention - I saw there is an article in the guardian - BMJ posted about a court case on this subject..

That’s really good to know wondered if anything was happening.

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I wondered if you had seen this Change petition from Mark Topps?

It is asking for people with learning disabilities to be included in the vaccine priority list.

Best wishes


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