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COVID-19 vaccine for adults with Learning Disabilities - I’m new to this.

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My 38 year old daughter has a congenital condition that has resulted in moderate/severe learning disabilities. She lives in a house with 2 others , also with with LD’s and looked after with 24 hour care from a Community Care Provider. This provides Supported Living. My concern is that there hasn’t been any specific guidance from the Government regarding this group of adults.

Where are they on the list for receiving the vaccine?

Where is the guidance for the Christmas break on returning to parents for the permitted 5 days? Social Services are unable to give any definitive advice.

Can anyone help please?

Thank you

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the official gov page on vaccine priorities

I would assume your daughter would receive the vaccine after the 65 year olds get it.

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Welcome to the online community

thanks for you post - the vaccine is something so many people are asking questions about.

I am going to ask our helpline to have a look at this post to see if they are able to help.



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Charlie2750Community friend

Hi Masquerade I followed "outdoorsy" link and in a paragraph titled "Underlying health conditions it list people with Downs Learning disabled etc.Please feel reassured that the people giving the vaccines will eventually get to your daughter as soon as they have finnished higher priorites .If they do the staff first then it will give your daughter some limited protection from getting Covid19 virus from the staff.The government are working as fast as they can to get extra nurse employed to give the vaccines and they hope to get as many done as possible.Please dont worry.

Thank you that’s very reassuring.

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Hi Masquerade,

My name is Lyndsey, I am a contact & assessment team advisor on The Learning Disability Helpline. Having spoken to one of our Information & Advice Officers they have asked me to as if you mind getting in touch with us on the helpline so they can look into your query for you. As I'm sure many people understand, the COVID situation is causing so much confusion and with the constant changes they are not always as clear as they think they are.

This is the most recent guidance I have been able to find regarding the Christmas Bubble but again it doesn't clarify things fully.

********In order to safely return to the care home, the resident will need to be tested and isolated. We will provide further details shortly through the publication of relevant guidance. ******

If you would like to call us on our freephone number on 0808 808 1111 or email us on

Kind Regards


Contact & Assessment Team Advisor

The Learning Disability Helpline

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Jez2525 in reply to Skye_Bear

Lyndsey - Do the UK Government guidelines apply everywhere ? or can the local public health authority decide what they choose/recommend in local areas ? In addition, care provider organisations/charities seem to also be able to create and apply their own rules over/above/alongside local and central government / NHS / PHE guidelines/rules, even within the same English County (obviously based on their own dynamic risk assessments). Any advice or information you can find to somehow clarify the situation I am sure would be appreciated by the community.

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