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Finding Extra Care Housing


Hi. My cousin currently lives in an extra care housing scheme and wants to move to be nearer to us (we currently live about an hour a way so it's hard just to 'pop in' and see him). I am struggling to find a good list of local extra care housing, he has learning difficulties so needs extra support. Is there a good place to look to find possible housing near to us? We are in Lancashire. Currently it all seems very piecemeal and I am struggling to work out whether accommodation providers offer the appropriate type of support. thanks, Liz

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I wonder if disability team for Social Services can help???? here in UK????

Hi thanks - he has a social worker and they just said 'ok you just find a place and then let us know' I've contacted social services in my county (where he wants to move to) and they don't want to know till he moves here - I thought it wouldn't be too hard but there doesn't seem to be any kind of central register of properties - maybe I need to push back with his social worker? Thanks!

There should be something called the local offer on your local councils website. I would definitely ask the social worker for more help too. You have to badger them unfortunately.

Good luck

Thanks this is really helpful, and good advice re the social worker I think I'll feel a bit more confident to push back now as everyone seems in agreement that she should offering more advice



I would go back and ask his social worker and ask for more support. They must have helped with this sort of thing before.

I have also found a few links that might help:

> Mencap's Housing FAQs -

> Living with learning disabilities -

> Housing -

I also wondered if any of these were near to you -

Please call our helpline if you would like to talk this through with one of our advisors -

Best wishes


Thanks for this, I'm def going to speak to his social worker again so it's been good to have encouragement to do that. I'd looked at the care homes sites but didn't know you could filter for homes that can support those with LD so that's great I'll look again on there using the link.

Many thanks

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