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More than 1-1 support (covid 19)

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The government guidelines state only 2 people can go out together, what about individuals that require 2-1 support and above, that need exercise to, any information would be greatly appreciated thanks

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You can go out to give support to the most vulnerable and you can exercise with people from your own household .i think a common sense view would be taken here.

The vulnerable person would be more at risk with just one carer.

Everyone can go to the park 2 times / day it is help.

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Tricia7 in reply to Soczela

No. Everyone can go out ONCE a day for exercise.

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49Twister in reply to Tricia7

I agree once a day but we don’t know everyone’s circumstances,age, and health issues. Anyone over 70 and or with certain at risk health issues are advised not to go out at all. I know younger people have some serious health issues so need expert advise, so please take care and get advice from nhs, and gov, and those vulnerable people who are supported by services please get advice from there service providers as they will have been advised by the government. We really need to be careful.

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Soczela in reply to Tricia7

Hi ,

They anounced people can go out in pears now.

Yes I agree, I think these are exceptional circumstances. As vulnerable people I think this is acceptable.

Don't worry about that. It is covered by the phrase "exceptional circumstances'.

The nhs CCG contacted me yesterday to ask the names of my sons carers as they can send a letter fir the carers to take out with them to show if they’re asked. As it is the agency we use aren’t doing support outside of the family hime at present. I’m sure two parents would be fine though.

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