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Where should my son keep his cash box?

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My son lives in a supported living single person apartment, one of 10 on a small complex. There are some communal areas and the same domiciliary care provider delivers support by means of a regular staff team and manager who has an office on site. Up until now each person has kept their weekly money in a cash tin in a locked cupboard in their own apartment. The balance is checked and recorded at the beginning and end of each shift and this has worked well. There is now a new manager who has decided that the cash tins should be kept in a safe in the office which is fine providing the manager or senior on shift at the time the person wants access to their money for shopping or some other reason. I feel this is an institutional practice and doesn’t fit in with person centred support or independent living. I appreciate that there is always the possibility of financial abuse but we’ve only ever had one incident in several years and I feel that people’s independence is being compromised. How do other people feel about this?

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I agree with you redsails and feel their independence could be compromised. One size doesn’t fit all, this might suit some people and not others. If you and your son have been happy with how the previous system worked you should be able to continue using that system. My son lives in supported living sharing with another guy, he has a different way of dealing with his finances while his housemate uses the system your son uses keeping his money in his room and being checked. It gets so frustrating when new people come in and make up their own rules, unless of course this is new company rules. If that’s the case I would probably have to challenge it as they are all individual with different needs, why try to fix something if it’s not broken ?

Could he not have a solid safe in his own private space, which is what my son does? Sounds like they mean well but it is the manager's job to respect and guard his autonomy as much as possible.

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A locked safe sounds sensible. I agree that your son has the right to choose the best system for him whilst not compromising his safety. I also agree that this responsibility is part of his independence. Talk to his provider. Its his life. BTW, I AM a Trustee of a Domicilliary care provider AND a parent. One size does not have to fit all! Good luck.

My sister has been lucky in one way that she has always lived with my mum, who manages money pretty well, although not always responsibly - that's another story. I would have loved for my sister to have had the opportunity of supported living, it would have basically taught her some valuable lessons. However, with regards to your question, my sister would go into town with £500-£600 cash in her purse, she could never account for where it disappeared to when with her 'friends', so I put a limit of £50, and asked her to keep receipts, but if she needed more, to let me know - Christmas/birthdays etc. I do not like being my sister's keeper, but nor do I like that people, and people who don't have learning disabilities! taking from her. I have tried my best, but accept it isn't perfect. I would suggest you ask the manager why else they feel it necessary to move the cash tin, perhaps there has been a theft, or maybe this is just a sign of the times. If problems arise from persons not being able to access their money, then I would complain. It is good they have you to monitor things, some people don't have anyone to watch their backs. Best of luck.

I do agree no shift management or staff should keep someone money the belonging to a service users who is in supportive environment and living this is so wrong and very poor quality of support and help locking someone money that belongs to them it’s independent living it’s management systems and staff going over the top and not learning service user to have the skills to look after there own money how treating disabled human beings like we are children I have know staff and management to take persons money and stealing it this is overpowering and controlling and harmful experiences to the services users how can the person in needs of money have to wait for management or staff to be on site to give them money this is so very wrong and not giving some the freedom to have there own money in a safe box in the own room or flat how would the management and staff like this done to them you have the right by law to have your own money by staff or management on sites locking this away in a office is against the equality acts laws but taking some one basic human rights and respect management and staff like this need to have specialist training to treat disabled human beings with true meaningful responsibility and respect and kindness and understanding and supportive environment in every way they have no rights to keep the persons pay I would take this higher independent body of care about this issue or get in contact with the disability help line in London they can tell you your rights and help your challenge to issue they have no rights in less someone is unreasonable with there money it’s like stealing when it does not belong to mangers or staff or go to the police it’s stealing the disability help will help go on line to find out there number hope I could of been some help and how would mangers or staffs like it’s if someone kept there money or wages make sure it’s not in the tenants contact and get this changed or look in to and did the family agree or service users if not it’s stealing from the tenants there just because a new management or staff comes in or take over they have know right to the services user has the right and freedom to have there own money to spend at all time they are in independent supportive living not controlling persons like this DW Bristol

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Hi webbdave11, thanks for your reply. We have arranged a meeting with the new management team and will be putting our case forward. We know that what they are proposing goes against promoting independence and we’re confident they will agree to reverse their decision.

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