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Another clinical trial resource

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When my sons treatment stops being effective, I

start this rather panicked roller coaster ride of seeking new treatment and clinical

trials. It’s just how I handle

things and move forward I guess . I need to feel

that I have left few stones unturned . My last search was in May. Today I got a followup call

from the National Institute of Health clinical

trial search folks and I was reminded of how kind and helpful they had been .Like with Trialjectory, there is person to person support and follow up. Their contact number is 1 800 422 6237 and you push the third prompt for clinical

trials. The people who call back are NIH employees . Their follow up calls, to ask me how things were going and if I needed additional help, were nice- I felt supported and heard. Just another resource for you , should you ever need it. Sending good wishes to all.

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That’s outstanding follow up from the CTN. Thanks for sharing your experience. Missy

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