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Bone involvement

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Ryan’s elbow is not great. Starting to see some significant swelling. Any ideas how to help pain and reduce swelling? Cant have ibuprofen because of blood thinners : ( narcotics hold it off but makes him sleepy and does nothing for swelling. Heat seems to help mobility, but ice seems to irritate it more 😞 the site was already radiated. New scans on July 20th so we will be able to figure out what we can do next but as far as we know it’s still the only spot he has currently. Any ideas or experience would be super appreciated ❤️

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Hi Kelly, so sorry to hear his elbow is giving him a hard time! So Frans can't have ibuprofen either because of clotting disorder, so when his tumor was really big and bothering him, he would either take tylenol or tramadol. The latter being prescribed just to not always be on tylenol and also because Frans didn't want to go the oxycodone way, makes him feel bad, see things etc. I know its in the opioid category, but a very low dose could take the edge of and not make him that sleepy. Check with oncology about that.Is it warm to the touch? Is that why you want to ice it? Did the radiation cause any burns? From a Chinese Medicine point of view ( which is my area ) I would eliminate anything that has a tendency to cause inflammation and swelling in the body. Which mainly means excess sugar and dairy. I am pretty sure acupuncture would help the swelling, but try to find somebody that does not needle, I do not recommend insertion close to potentially inflamed joints while on immunotherapy.

You can write me if you have any more questions.



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Consider a call to radiation practice for their thoughts. Both ladies have good ideas. Has local CBD topical been tried?peace, Missy

Kelly, so sorry to hear Ryan’s elbow is still giving him trouble. Is he on any steroids at all? This is still the miracle drug for Mark. Yes, he did take it all along while he was on the immunotherapy. He just couldn’t exist without it. He was down to 10mg most of the time unless more pain or tiredness. Then we would increase and then taper off again. I wish I could be of more help.

Sending prayers that it gets better and for good scans in July


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