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Update on Ryan


So I know in my last post I mentioned that Ryan was getting his PET scan 2 days before our scheduled OBX vacation, and our deal was to not look or ask for results before we went. This morning I woke up to notifications from his GBMC MyChart Portal. To my surprise they released the reading from the scan. I was faced with a caregivers impossible choice. Look? Or not look? Well... let’s just put this out there, I have no self control lol. Especially with how well Ryan has done clinically, I literally couldn’t help myself. I turned over in our bed this morning and secretly read it like a spy. I wanna say even though I broke a promise and a deal - I am so glad that I did. RYAN IS NED EVERYONE! WHAT!?! NED!!!! FREAKING NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE YALL! I cried, and smiled, thanked god, and thanked our angels. I woke Ryan up, and looked at him with leaky eyes and apologized. He asked why are you saying sorry? I said I read the results.. his response was “it’s negative isn’t it.. it’s not good right?” I laughed.. and I said baby - YOURE CLEAN! His eyes opened wide, and he laughed and smiled. Needless to say, this vacation just got a little more sweeter. The sunsets and sunrises just became that much more meaningful. Just wanted to share from the deck of our beautiful rental here in sunny North Carolina. Keep pushing for your loved ones, and always thank god for the good days - we love you all!

Love from NC OBX & MD ❤️

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May this time of blessing extend.

You both are quite courageous.

Thanks for sharing this happy news with us.



Kelly & Ryan,

God’s blessings has shone on you both. EnJOY your vacation, and every day.


Such amazing news. I am so happy for you both. Enjoy your trip!

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