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We received amazing news on Wednesday...something we haven't gotten in a year. We found out that after 1 dose of TVAC into my husband's tumor...his tumor has shrunk! Had to share here because I feel like I want to scream it out loud all day long. Sending everyone positive vibes and hoping you all receive well deserved good news!!!!

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YAY!!!!!!!! So happy for you!!!!!!! 😭 when the treatment works it works! It’s incredible!!! Congrats to the both of you ❤️❤️❤️

That is wonderful news!! Celebrate and enjoy the weekend.

Fantastic news! What a blessing 🙏

That is absolutely wonderful! I am so very happy for you.

If anyone has a moment,

please educate me a bit . On what sorts of tumors is TVAC used ? I have heard that it can really be effective but don’t know much more about it .

I am not sure what different types of tumors this is used for. My husband was doing the ipi and nuvo combined to treat his melanoma but the tumor was getting bigger. The doctor added the tvac onto the immunotherapy in hopes that it would attract the immunotherapy drugs to the tumor

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So glad it worked !

Thrilled for your husband and family! Thriving for sure!!

That is awesome news. Enjoy your weekend, much to celebrate!!

Great news!

Such wonderful news!!! Very happy for you!!


Outstanding news and response🎉


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