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Me and Ryan got a call from his oncologist a few days ago, saying that his white blood cells were low.. which I know is not so good.. called for us to get more blood work to make sure it’s not going any lower. But in the same call; she told us that she had consulted with a doctor at Hopkins, and agreed to get him a PET scan earlier than 3 months, and if it shows what they believe it shows (him responding well) then they might want to start him on Keytruda and stop the Taf/mek so they can put it in their pocket for a later date if necessary! They said he’s doing so well on it, that they wanna do everything early and this is a huge change because she said he would be on the Taf/Mek forever! So we are excited yet still guarded because we still have to SEE the response.. Christmas came early for us ❤️

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Kelly, Sounds like Christmas did come early for you both. Merry Christmas🌲🎅🏻🤶🏻❄️. I will be praying for your husband, that the scans have good news, and that the Keytruda works. I’m sure it will. He is one of the success stories❤️ The Doctors took My husband off Taf/Mek also after 6 months, and said the same, we still have it to use at a later time. My husband gets his scans Tuesday, we always stress right before them, but pray that everything is the same and still NED. So Blessed


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Thinking of you as you manage Scanxiety.


Best gift ever! So happy for you both!

Great news. My son was on taf/me for 10 months. These pills work well at reducing tumors. Keep us posted on the white cells. Merry Christmas

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fingers and toes crossed as you evaluate this new opportunity!


Thanks everyone for the kind words!! I definitely do have scanxiety! Just got the blood work back this morning though and his white blood cells are way higher! Still not perfect but way better than the week before :)

This happened to us. Ask them EXACTLY what they are looking for, and what is the plan depending on what they find.

If you have not already done do, you both need to decide if you always want to hear the truth or not, and then you need to let your doctor know what you have decided, and make it clear in no uncertain terms that you want your wishes honored. The doctor will not automatically tell you when the news is bad unless you have made it clear that you want to know. I truly hope that these scans will be very good news, and that your husband responds well to treatment. You should both look forward to and enjoy a very wonderful holiday. I wish you the best.

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