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Band of fire


Hi all, Hope everyone is managing to cope today, I have a question for you all, I have found that when i'm laying flat I can't raise either of my legs up all they do is shake and feel really heavy like stone, the band of fire comes in when I stand up and lean slightly forward, its like a burning band of fire runs from hip to hip across my lower spine and then just gets worse when I walk, is this M.E or Fibro or something else?

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Hi, what you are describing could be a number of things. As you ask if it could be either ME or Fibro I presume you have not been diagnosed with either ? As I suffer from both ME and osteoporosis I can relate to the pain you are experiencing but alot of my pain in my spine and hips is down to the arthritis. I would suggest you seek advise from your GP as they will able to prescribe medications to help.

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Thanks for replying kitten50, I have been diagnosed with both ME and Fibro but I'm not sure if this band of fire and not being able to raise my legs when led down is part of either of them and I wondered if anyone else had the same thing going on.

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