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Warning signs that you are over doing it with CFS

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Hi all

There’s been so me confusion about me having CFS or not as I have a chronic lung condition and lots of infections which does cause exhaustion.

However, was referred to a consultant for the ME/CFS service who said I had elements of it but couldn’t diagnose whilst kept on having infections.

Fortunately have been infection free for 9 next the now and have seen a OT for the service who said I met all the criteria. She stressed importance of knowing you warning signs.

Well am so up and down emotionally, fatigue wise, don’t know where I am!

I imagine warning signs are:

1 . A exhausted feeling suddenly coming over me if doing something, often more physical, and I know I will soon feel very tearful.

2. Also if am decision making or talking to people,often get this stressed right feeling in limbs, abit overwhelming .. like I’m struggling.

Anyone experience this?

Also recently my teeth just ache so much all over, don’t know if it’s stress. Anyone have?

Grateful for any thoughts from anyone!

Thanks lots

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I have similar symptoms to you when I overdo it. Sudden exhaustion I have a flashes in front of my eyes and then feel a bit sick. Have to sit down or I feel like I'm about to drop on the floor. Also my limbs feel heavy and I can barely lift anything even a small jar. Plus excruciating headaches.

I guess everyone is different so will experience those signs in a different way.


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winter2013 in reply to Simmeke83

Thank you for replying Simmeke! Been a long journey with my lungs and only recently got CFS “ validated “ to quote the OT so learning! Looking back realise signs have been there for ages but haven’t acknowledged them. It’s so easy to push through, think you’re stressed, anxious or your personality which have been doing.

Realise I need to fully accept and learn how to manage myself ... starting my paying attention to how I feel and warning signs. X

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Simmeke83 in reply to winter2013


I completely understand how you feel. I push myself everyday mostly at work which recently made me have to be signed off for a month. But I used to be a social and lively person and uniting yourself I find very difficult. Warning signs are important though and we should not ignore them. I hope you learn to listen to your body and will feel better soon. Warm hugs.


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Simmeke83 in reply to Simmeke83

Limiting I meant sorry for the typo

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winter2013 in reply to Simmeke83

Thanks Simmeke 83. Know have got to get used to noticing them, acknowledging them and accepting I can’t do what I want! As you know... so hard though!

Warm hugs to you too x

Yes I get this feeling too. Sometimes feel like I can't breath properly. Can't deal with stress at all I just come over all weak and need to lie down. Hope this helps

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winter2013 in reply to Patdoyle

Thank you Patdoyle. Everything helps ! X

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