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Low cortisol possibility?

Hi all

I won't bore you with my history but I have been around the houses a bit with drs unsure what's wrong. I have many symptoms similar to hypothyroid, M.E, fibromyalgia and been tested for most things but still everything is 'fine'. Latest involved a visit to the rheumatologists who again checked me over and couldn't find anything.

However she has asked my GP to check my cortisol levels as she has recently had one of her patients with fatigue and it was found to be low. I'm going to get the test but wondered if anyone else had experience of low cortisol and why or how it might occur. I have looked on Google but most refer to Addison's Disease which seems at the extreme end. Can you just be lacking cortisol and if so how, and what are the symptoms?



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Addisons and Cushing are rather extreme diagnoses whereas most of us have low cortisol and altered DHEA levels. See Dr Myhill's website or CFS book for details of the adrenal function and how it relates to thyroid, hypothalamus and pituitary. A saliver test is sufficient to get an adrenal stress profile that will lead you to understanding the issues better. If interested Dr Myhill or someone like Avviva Romm have various suggestions for treatment. The symptoms can be many and varied so it helps to have knowledge of all your tests so that you understand what has been ruled out and why. This is especially true for thyroid test that the NHS seems determined to not use properly, diagnose according to real research evidence or treat effectively. Good luck. I started with lots of niggling health problems and fatigue that conventional medicine told me was all in my head. True in that it is connected to my body but of no use to me what so ever so many years bedbound.


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