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Is my ME really vaccine damage????

Hi everyone,

I haven't posted in a long while, but recently I have been listening to a documentary series called 'Vaccines Revealed'. It is a series of 9 programmes discussing the scientific research behind adverse reactions to vaccines. I worked in Healthcare all my life and was pro-vaccine, but this series shows that we have all been scammed by the drug companies who make the vaccines. I had numerous Hepatitis B and flu shots, as instructed by my employer. I now have no doubt whatsoever that a large trigger for my illness is toxins from the vaccines. Please, please, do yourself and your families a favour and educate yourself by watching the programmes. Please also be warned, they don't make for comfortable viewing.

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The number of vaccines has risen steeply and in the UK the seasonal flu jab also contains swine and avian flu iirc now what is that all about?


Good Morning Raff's! If you get a chance, please do check out the Vaccines Revealed programmes, they will answer your question, and many other questions on vaccines.


I already have the youtube search done :) there is a particular one for cervical cancer given to young girls that is destroying their lives that I've come across, and it only helps for 1 strain of cancer! Not worth the risk imho.


Hi Raff's, I've just seen that I replied to a post of yours over a year ago when you were commencing the whole I'll health retirement application scenario. I do hope that went well for you and you were able to move on with your life.

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So far still waiting. I got knocked back on the Tier 2 so awaiting an appeal, I wonder why when 3 Drs who have examined me have said one thing a stranger who doesn't know me nor met me can decide anything different!!


Good luck, I hope you are successful in your appeal.


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