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Private doctors who will help with pension appeal

Hello I wonder if anyone can help me .

I have been awarded I'll health from the NHS tire 1 I have ME fibro and microvascular angina the occupants health Dr saw me once ( as I was always seen by a nurse) so he compiled his report from My records . he did not examine me at all!!

My question

1. Has anyone successfully gained tier 2 pension on appeal

2 does anyone know of a private doctor consultant or if I health Dr in the north west who would examine me and write a report as trying g to collate all the gp specialist and Occupational health info to give a better overall picture as to why I couldn't work anywhere else out side the NHS

Thank you in advance

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I'm in the same boat - ME, chronic pain, damaged disks and RLS along with anxiety and depression that has developed on the back of the various health problems and I've been awarded a Tier 1 but not a Tier 2 despite being told by 3 separate Dr's, (Occ Health, Specialist consultant in ME and GP), I'll never be fit to hold down any job!!

I have gotten 2 of the 3 Dr's to rewrite a little of their report emphasising that I am incapable of performing ANY work not just my job I was retired from. It is in the report but these guys seem to need it spelt out very plainly to them.

What did they say in the letter that you got?


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