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Esa medical GET ANGRY

Ok im wornout thinking about it.

But found a clue for you who are at wits end Mmmm that be 99% of you .Quote to them that you want regulation ESA 35 (B) (2) Implemented in your case . Google it .Not sure if it will work but they are taking their time getting back to me when I was assured that would phone between 9-12 this morning as the saying go's no news is good news I hope.

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Did they get back to you and what exactly is ESA (B) (2)?


Employment support allowance .esa b 2 is a regulation if implemented they have to go with it .Try putting esa 2b into google .i cant remember what it means .its that f*$#@!^/ M.E Sorry  And no they aint got back to me yet its 5pm friday!


Hey raffs hope you ok

i missed three esa medicals and replied to their letters that i had no one to take me and the appointments were to early for me cause its ten miles away.Still getting paid so far!Got called into job center local office to see esa woman who just asked how i was said iwas totaly pi......d off at being dragged all the way there to be told to go home and make another app,she said they are hearing nothing but complaints about medicals and i must see my mp about it and Reg 35 (2) (b) which i did explaining i have improper behaviour problems like swearing well Kinell so far so good no news is good news . Bet i get a letter in the morning tfn all the best


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