Analysis of The Scandalous PACE Trial

Excellent article analysing the so-called science of the PACE trial.  A bit lengthy and a brain fogged patient can get bogged down in the stats.  But the language is easy to follow and the comments are well worth reading.  This was pasted on ME Support and ME/CFS Evolving Science facebook pages.

3 Replies

  • Thanks for posting this on the PACE Trial which I've been following.


  • Yes, she's done a wonderful job, hasn't she?  Didn't manage to read all of it but what I did read was excellent.  Really glad this is starting to reach those outside of the M.E circle. 

  • Thanks for this post. It's nothing short of criminal how this so-called study has been used to abuse those of us who are suffering from this devastating illness. But the truth always comes out in the end and will continue to rise to the surface as we can see from the replies to the article.

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