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New PACE research published in Lancet

Cognitive behaviour therapy and graded exercise therapy led to significant improvements in fearful beliefs among patients with chronic fatigue syndrome, according to data published in the Lancet Psychiatry

ME: fear of exercise exacerbates chronic fatigue syndrome, say researchers

Chronic fatigue syndrome patients’ fear of exercise can hinder treatment - study

Researchers say belief that activity will make ME worse can limit effectiveness of graded exercise therapy or CBT

Chronic fatigue syndrome sufferers 'can benefit from exercise'

Chronic fatigue victims 'suffer fear of exercise': Patients are anxious activities such as walking could aggravate the condition

Same old story from the flawed 2011 PACE trials there is more that will be learned from the comments

below the newspaper articles.

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The Lancet article is the sixth reworking of 2011 PACE trials disagrees with work from PD White who was involved in the original PACE trials - The data suggest that CFS patients without a comorbid psychiatric disorder do not have an exercise phobia. a decade ahead of Chalder

Very confusing though I found these videos explained things

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Why oh why must this keep on my family see news then think do more so cruel.


The Daily Mail printed these stories in December 2014

then wrote the PACE rehash so for balance show the family some of the other articles the same newspaper writes


US Neuroscientist Says Exercise is a Noxious Stimulus That Worsens Symptoms of ME/CFS

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As NHS funding was used in PACE trials, what is their opinion ?


Tackling fears about exercise is important for ME treatment, analysis indicates BMJ 2015;350:h227

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