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Diagnosis using a simple blood test


Griffith University in Queensland, Australia have announced that they have made a "breakthrough" in testing and are now looking for partners to bring a DIAGNOSTIC TEST to market! Could M.E finally be diagnosed with a simple, 'idiot proof' blood test?!!

The abstract of their paper is here - hindawi.com/journals/jir/20... and the news report is here - abc.net.au/pm/content/2016/.... We need to bear in mind that they have only tested 23 patients, so a much larger study is needed to replicate their results but this could be promising! I read somewhere that they have already applied for patent so they must be pretty sure.

"Professor Sonya Marshall Gradisnik says the research team is now looking to partner with diagnostic companies to develop the test to bring to market."

"Professor Don Staines says it could still take several years before a blood test becomes available in Australia."

The basics are:

Surface expressions of BTLA, CD127, and CD49/CD29 were *INCREASED* on subsets of CD8+ T cells from MS patients.

In the M.E patients, CD127 was significantly *DECREASED* on all subsets of CD8+ T cells, and PSGL-1 was significantly *REDUCED* in comparison to the non-fatigued controls.

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