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Mid Dermal Elastylosis?

When I was 28, I began to have skin wrinkling and fainting. I begged for years to get a skin biopsy because I knew something was wrong with my skin. I finally got one and was the mid dermal elastylosis. I know whatever caused that, is the cause of the pots syndrome and why my nervous system feels like it's dying. No one will help me and I'm scared to death . I know a virus can cause this skin disease but can't find a doctor who will listen or care. I feel like I'm slowly dying. I have all of these rare conditions and a million symptoms. These symptoms are unbearable and giving me anxiety. How can you make your dr listen and believe you? I know I'm just another sick person with the anxiety label marked on me but I know in my gut that there is something very bad happening to me. Look up the " DSM5"! This will help every patient who's being treated the same way. Is it wrong of me to want to see my doctor sick, in severe pain, suffering and to see him lay there begging for help and relief?? Maybe I will call up a shrink and see if they can address my kidney pain, coughing so hard I throw up, my 10 pd edema, etc..?

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I think you need to talk to someone it's not easy to deal with all this we all need someone to help us cope

If you can't change doctors just be upfront with him talk the way you're talking on here of you need to or write it down to help him/her understand. Bringing someone with you is great support, even tell them how you are feeling and ask them to speak on your behalf

hope things are improving for you wish you all the best

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